After Radio Takeover, Taylor Swift Now Has a Surprising Connection to This Iconic Edinburgh Attraction

Published 06/05/2024, 8:32 PM EDT

What began in March 2023 in Arizona has since enveloped the globe in a kaleidoscope of enchantment, with no end in sight. 'The Eras Tour' curated to perfection by Taylor Swift is suspected to have some kind of magnet, as at every stop it manages to create history. As if the attendance of a barrage of celebrities was not enough of an indicator, now the cities themselves have come to echo its significance.

While earlier an Eras Tour would usually make the record for the largest number of concert goers a city's stadium had received, Edinburgh begged to differ in suavest fashion.

Edinburgh become the star ahead of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concert


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Taylor Swift and the promise of her performing some of the most iconic tracks from her discography, ensuring that everyone is in a frenzy to get to the concert, is no surprise. But it seems even for a starlet like Taylor Swift, who is breaking records left and right, the impact might have been underestimated, especially as the tram in Scotland's Edinburg gets a ' The Tortured Poets Department' themed glow-up.

As the songstress returned to Scotland after nearly a decade, the country could not have found a better way to show how much they had missed her. Moreover, the fact that they ditched the purple, significant to the Grammy-winning artist's Eras Tour, and went for the black and bold look of her recent album is a masterclass in Taylor Swift's adulation.

Taylor Swift Shines Bright for Pride Month While Performing her Pro-LGBTQ Anthem at The Eras Tour in Lyon

The Swift-themed tram did not just delight those who boarded it, but also managed to garner the attention of Swifties around the world.

Swifties in awe of Scotland's unique gesture for Taylor Swift

Given the onslaught of criticisms that Taylor Swift has had to deal with not just recently but at any given moment, fans are especially grateful for any nice gesture towards her. Therefore, Scotland's efforts in making the artist feel welcomed did not go unnoticed as fans began to ring in praises.

From asking if they could keep it this way all year round to wishing they did one for each album, Swifties were oozing with awe over the tram makeover.

Apart from the general excitement regarding the tram's look, many began to inquire about the nitty-gritty of how they could board it and have their once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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The best was yet to come, however, as fans found more delight in chatting with the mastermind behind the Edinburgh Trams account on X, as at the end of the day they proved to be the ultimate Swifties.


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