Taylor Swift Has Not Written Henry Cavill’s ‘Argylle’, but Here Are 5 Musicians Who Did Make a Film

Published 10/27/2023, 6:30 AM EDT

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Hollywood has always been a melting pot of incredible talent, a place where many stars do not limit themselves to just one skill. Take, for instance, Will Smith, a master of both acting and music or Tom Hanks, who has conquered the realms of filmmaking. The industry is a reservoir of versatile talents. And then there is Taylor Swift, whose connection with talent is undeniable. This singer transcended the boundaries of her music career to venture into directing, leaving Swifties utterly captivated.

The devotion of Swifties towards Taylor Swift knows no bounds, to the extent that they spun a theory suggesting that the spy thriller Argylle, starring Henry Cavill, was secretly penned by Taylor Swift under a clever pen name. While the theory may be a stretch, we have a list of musicians who have successfully made their mark in the world of film by trying their hand at screenwriting.

Frank Sinatra


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Known as The Voice and Ol’ Blue Eyes, Sinatra had a dual legacy. He is a musical legend and a silver-screen sensation. His acting prowess, showcased in films like Man with the Golden Arm and his Oscar-winning role in From Here to Eternity, solidified his status as a luminary. Further, he effortlessly transitioned from serious dramas to romantic musical comedies. Sinatra’s versatility even led him to direct None But the Brave in 1965. His impact on music is renowned, but his contributions to film, including scoring Scarface, reveal his multifaceted career.

Sinatra delved into film production, overseeing seven movies from 1956 to 1981. Notably, three of his films, The House I Live In, The Manchurian Candidate and From Here to Eternity, achieved an esteemed status by earning a spot in the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry. The House I Live In, a powerful film addressing anti-Semitism and racism, earned special recognition with both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.


Madonna, the Queen of Pop, soared to new musical heights on her Celebration tour, but her foray into filmmaking hit a different note. Despite gracing the silver screen in several films, the reviews were lukewarm at best. In the 2000s, Madonna shifted her focus to roles behind the camera, serving as executive producer for Agent Cody Banks in 2003 and its sequel. She made her directorial debut with Filth and Wisdom in 2008 at the Berlin Film Festival, later delving into the biographical film W.E. in 2011.

The pop queen’s film projects echoed her commitment to artistic freedom and human rights. She not only produced and wrote the documentary I Am Because We Are, but also co-directed the short film Secret Project Revolution in 2013 alongside Steven Klein. This highlighted her unwavering dedication to these vital causes. Further, Madonna’s biographical film, originally planned to be co-written by her with Julia Harner in the lead, hit a roadblock as it was temporarily shelved due to her demanding world tour.

David Bowie

Bowie’s entanglement with cinema and acting was as intricate as one of his iconic stage personas. Even before his silver screen journey began, he faced the peculiar challenge of renaming himself from Davy Jones to avoid clashing with another British actor. While Bowie’s music career set the world ablaze and filled his coffers with resounding applause, his foray into acting never truly echoed the notoriety and triumph of his musical records and electrifying concerts.

The versatile British artist not only left an indelible mark in front of the camera, but also ventured into the realms of directing, with credits in both of his video collections.


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He extended his influence further by producing three titles, including Scott Walker: 30th Century Man, Passage to Paradise and Magic Hunter. Bowie’s artistic legacy thrived in a world where music and film converged, leaving a profound imprint on both realms.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan, an enduring music icon, also explored the world of cinema. While his directorial attempts did not gain as much acclaim as his music, they remained vital to his artistic journey. In 1972, he delved into documentary filmmaking with Eat the Document, a precursor to his grander cinematic project. The spotlight, however, shines on his four-hour feature film, Renaldo and Clara. More so, it not only lauded his music but also cemented his position as a multifaceted artist.

Although his films did not always receive rave reviews, Dylan’s venture into directing and editing revealed his unwavering creative spirit. He drew inspiration from cinematic legends like Charlie Chaplin, Nicholas Ray, and John Ford. Moreover, foreign auteurs such as Jean-Luc Godard and Federico Fellini fueled his passion to craft enduring and powerful cinematic works. Further, enriching his legendary career.

Gore Verbinski


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Gore Verbinski’s journey from a budding musician to an acclaimed filmmaker is a tale of transformation. He started as a musician, playing in underground rock bands. Soon, he ventured into the world of filmmaking, creating short films in the early ’80s. Verbinski then dabbled in directing music videos for prominent bands before making his directorial debut with Mouse Hunt. His passion for music always simmered in the background, subtly influencing his cinematic works.

As he honed his skills, he transitioned into commercials and later directed box office hits such as The Ring, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rango, and The Weather Man. However, his career encountered turbulence after the commercial failure of The Lone Ranger and A Cure For Wellness. Following these setbacks, he momentarily stepped away from directing. Despite his remarkable journey from musician to filmmaker, he continues to explore new opportunities, showcasing his versatility and artistic flair.


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