Taylor Swift and Blake Lively: From Red Carpet to Concert Nights, a Timeline of Their Decade-Old Friendship

Published 05/31/2024, 4:57 AM EDT

While it would not be right to say that Taylor Swift invented the concept of friendship bracelets and reigning over NYC with your squad, but she was indeed the one who made sure that it did not run out of style. And a testament to the same is her longstanding friendship with Blake Lively. The actress and singer duo have been reigning over the friendship charts for almost a decade now, and the twists and turns of this story could not be any more interesting.

Swift and Lively have come close to doing the impossible with their friendship as they manage to create a healthy balance between the private and public elements of their friendship despite the scrutinizing glare and media frenzy that follows them around. Therefore, making the timeline of their friendship all the more interesting.

How did Taylor Swift and Blake Lively become friends?


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While it seems almost too cruel to be true now, but Blake Lively was not in the iconic Taylor Swift music video of 'Bad Blood'. The video, which has gone down in history for just the sheer brilliance it possessed, featured all the members of Swift's girl squad, which at that time did not include the Gossip Girl actress. However, soon enough, Lively posted a picture with her own L'Oréal campaign gang and wrote something along the lines of how it was not for John Legend's cover of the 'Bad Blood' track.

The post further layered the iconic cake that was brewing up at that time. However, many assumed that the actress was throwing shade at Taylor Swift and Lively, who was as quick with her clarifications back then, as she is now, jumped to a state that it is quite the contrary. Lively went on to say that she has a "Taylor Swift Please Be My Wife Voo Doo Doll" and basically threw any rumors of there being any bad blood out of the window to make room for the enchanted garden of the beautiful milestones of their friendship.

The iconic Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Australia trip

Following the 'Bad Blood' music video drama that turned into a friendship fairytale, Taylor Swift and Blake Lively went on a trip to Australia where they had what can only be described as the time of their lives at the Warner Bros. Movie World theme park in Queensland. While the pictures from said trip could be found on Lively and Swift's Instagram back when they were actively posting on Instagram, they have now been deleted.

A July 4th affair

Back when celebrities, especially Taylor Swift, were not afraid to post as they pleased on their social media platforms and were as manic of posters as influencers in current times, the Grammy-winning singer was the queen of parties, especially on the 4th of July.

It seems like that 'Voo Doo doll' that Blake Lively had going on was quite powerful because the 2016 July 4th post featured a grand party and along with it a picture that has a place in pop culture's museum of magnificence featuring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively. Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston, Britany LaManna, and her husband. 

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The bond between Swift and Lively grew stronger when Lively's daughter debuted on one of Swift's tracks.

Blake Lively's daughter makes her debut on Taylor Swift's track

In a friendship that started with Blake Lively's confession of wanting to be 'Blake Swift' or the other way round, it is quite tough to point at the cutest moment. However, as soon as it was revealed that the baby voice that says "gorgeous" at the beginning of Taylor Swift's 'Gorgeous' track was Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter, fans came to look at it as the new definition of cute. This debut was further followed by various clips of the couple reacting live to the track during Swift's performance.

While Lively's daughter entered Swift's song, Swift soon entered Lively's husband's Ryan Reynolds' brand Aviation Gin. 

Aviaton Gin enters the chat

The iconic Taylor Swift parties trickled into 2019, where the Grammy-winning singer held a costume party at New Year's. While Swift was dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, she definitely did not have to trade her voice to enjoy what Ryan Reynolds would describe as the best gin in the world.

In the carrousel of beautiful pictures shared by Swift from the said event, Aviation Gin and the absolute delight on Reynolds and Swift's face as they sipped it won a special place in many hearts and also made its place in the enigmatic tale of Swift and Lively's friendship.

The post breakup debrief

Following a series of parties, hangouts, birthday shoutouts, and a 'I Bet You Think About Me' music video directed by Blake Lively came the iconic post-breakup debrief in 2023. The hangout was quite eye-catching on its own owing to the celebrities that featured in it, but things touched the glass ceiling when soon after this debrief, Lively and her husband unfollowed Joe Alwyn on Instagram, cementing the breakup.

While both Lively and Reynolds stood by Swift during her breakup, they also stood by her when her love with Travis Kelce started to bloom. 

The iconic Chiefs hangout


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Not long after her breakup with Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift embarked on her Eras Tour and resurrected the US economy. This also led to the beginning of the Travis Kelce era in Swift's life. After sending shockwaves around the world by attending his game, the Grammy-winning singer did not let anyone catch a break as she invited Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to join her on the benches.

The couple were not the only ones to enter the VIP arena, as Hugh Jackman and Shawn Levy also tagged along. This was then followed by Swift and Lively making their way to the premiere of Beyoncé's Renaissance film together. With such iconic milestones already in place, Taylor Swift and Blake Lively will undoubtedly be blessing us with more magical moments as the Eras Tour continues.


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What is your favorite moment from the carousel of magical moments that collectively make the Taylor Swift and Blake Lively friendship timeline? Let us know in the comments below.



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