As North West Celebrates Her 11th Birthday, Here Are 5 Bizarre Times Ye and Kim Kardashian's Daughter Left The World Shocked

Published 06/16/2024, 1:01 AM EDT

The apple does not fall far from the tree, and North West exemplifies this. Born to the legendary parents Kim Kardashian and Ye (formerly Kanye West), North has amassed the sass combined from both. From schooling the Yeezy mogul in fashion to offering her two cents on Kardashian’s couture nitpicks- North has truly embodied the spirit of a rockstar progeny. While typically it is the industry moguls, Ye and Kardashian who keep the tabloids buzzing with updates, as a mini West-Kardashian, North has also caused quite a stir in the world, true to her family name. 

On the occasion of her 11th birthday, therefore, let’s revisit 5 such instances when North left the world stunned.

North West schools Father West


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North West may not have as many entrepreneurial ventures under her belt as her parents, but she has already made it clear that she is not very far behind. While Ye's fierce mastery of rhyme has struck fear into his rivals over the years, it appears that within the confines of the West-Kardashian household; the rapper has always been the one to fear his now 11-year-old daughter, North West. In 2018, the Yeezy founder spoke to Chicago’s Power 92, revealing that there is only one boss in their household, and it is North.

The father of four recounted how he frequently finds himself catering to his eldest daughter's design preferences, recalling an incident when North expressed a desire to design a bubble wrap dress. The fashion mogul temporarily set aside his role as a fashion mastermind to become an assistant designer for his daughter.

Even at just five years old, North did not hold back her strict fashion engineering standards, which led to a moment where Ye did not quite handle the plastic correctly, prompting her to declare that he would never sell any clothes that way. While that might seem like a bold statement for someone who has led a fashion renaissance in the sneaker line, for North, it is simply a starting point to prove that like father, like daughter.

North West calls the fashion police on Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may have a billion-dollar fashion line under her belt, but there is only one person permitted to dole out billion-dollar advice and bitter fashion pills to her, and that is North West. The budding fashionista did not spare her father when it came to fashion critiques, so it only seemed fair to make Kardashian the subject of her fashion policing as well.

In one episode of The Kardashians, such a moment was captured during the fitting of Kardashian’s 2023 Met Gala pearl dress. North left no stone unturned in criticizing her mother and the creative director of Schiaparelli. In North's eyes, there were excessive gaps in the pearls, giving her mother the appearance of a Hawaiian girl with a torn dress.

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With no reservation, North also suggested that the pearls looked fake. Despite Kardashian's attempts to defend her choice and educate her daughter, she still deemed the look too "beachy." While a fashion blunder pointed out by a 10-year-old might be a designer's worst nightmare, for Daniel Roseberry as well, the situation was a fearful reality.

North West’s fashion icon: A story of me, myself, and I

North West's passion for fashion has long been associated with Kim Kardashian and Ye, but that changed when the 11-year-old declared herself anything but conventional. During an interview with Vice Media’s i-D published last Halloween, North was asked about her style icon. Despite her preference for baggy clothes and collecting her father’s wardrobe, which seemed to lean towards Ye, even though Kardashian's long-established fashion presence may be taken into account, North shocked everyone by declaring herself her own style icon.

Even though this might come as a shock to fans familiar with her couture preferences, considering she has been schooling her fashion mogul parents since the age of five, it is not entirely off the books that she marches to the beat of her own fashion drum, with herself as the sole guidebook. While fashion ticks off just one segment of North’s CV, there are other boxes to illustrate that she is a jack of all trades. 

North West: From fashion geek to rhyme master

For the longest time, it was North and Ye's fashion conversations that garnered public attention. However, in 2024, North reached new heights when she earned the nickname "Miss Westie" after making her rap debut on the Atlanta rapper's album 'Vultures 1'. Already established in the fashion world, North recently made waves in the music industry with 'You Don't Want' and 'Talking/Once Again', the songs featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Ye.

With this musical debut, North became one of the youngest artists ever to grace the Billboard charts and also marked her directorial debut. Furthermore, during the March Arizona listening party for 'Vultures 2', she announced that her debut album, 'Elementary School Dropout', is in the works, paying homage to Ye's 'The College Dropout'. Hence, she is not only a vogue icon in making, but also a sonic force that artists need to watch out for.

North West: The next generation of Hollywood


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North West’s influence now extends far beyond fashion houses and concert venues. Instead, she appears poised to become Hollywood’s next big sensation. On May 8, Disney announced that North would be performing at the live Lion King 30th anniversary concert at the Hollywood Bowl on May 24 and 25. The event commemorated the various adaptations of The Lion King over the years. The entire Kardashian-West family showed up in full force to support North, who made her first-ever acting debut on stage.

Father West proudly cheered on North, while her mother shared several photos from the Broadway debut. While talent runs deep in the West and Kardashian lineage, for North to achieve such milestones at the age of 11 suggests she is on track to surpass her parents, with a list of achievements that could rival those of many established artists.


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Which is your favorite moment by North West to look back upon on the occasion of her 11th birthday? Let us know in the comments below!



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