Movies like Squid Game on Netflix

Published 10/14/2021, 2:00 PM EDT

Plato had a belief that all art that exists is nothing but an imitation. Maybe he was right because we just love a show, movie, or music that even remotely talks about society in general. Netflix‘s Squid Game is one such show which has taken the world by storm. People are just in love with the Korean drama, but it has also left the fans asking for more. So let us introduce you to some movies like Squid Game.

The Netflix Original is a dystopian survival series where players play games while literally putting their lives on the line; Squid is a commentary on the classism of the capitalist world we live in. If you are one of those people who were mesmerized by the beauty and realness of the show and are yearning for more such content, here are some movies like Squid game that you can stream on Netflix.



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Much like in Squid Game, the characters in Circle discover themselves playing a lethal game. Fifty different people are put into a room together, along with a killer machine at the center of the room. In the room, they quickly realize that every two minutes the machine will kill people randomly unless they come up with a name as a target on their own.

A movie where people try convincing random strangers about why they should live – This thriller is going to keep you at the edge of your seat right from the start.

The Platform

Spanish thriller The Platform shows the lengths that people go to just for their own survival. The protagonist of the movie agrees to spend six months in a prison; expecting he will get a few amenities at least. But it just ain’t that simple.

Comprising a social experiment, a platform that serves food at different levels of the jail, and a tale of claustrophobia and despair. The Platform is surely one of the movies like Squid Game that you must stream.


Tau is the story of Julia, a young woman who is kidnapped and kept in a rather futuristic prison with an AI named Tau playing the guard. Alex, a scientist, wants to use Julia for an experiment and will go to any extent to hold her captive.

Tau may not look like the doll from the Red Light Green Light, but it sure is as lethal, if not more.

Level 16

A dystopian science-fiction, Level 16 is set in a school where girls are trained to become more efficient and desirable women so that they can be adopted later. Rising from level-0 to level-16, the girls go through a lot in this school. While a group decides to learn truths about the facility, they come across some mind-blowing revelations.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a story of a group of friends playing the game of truth or dare in a supposedly haunted house. It is a really unsettling tale that will make you think twice the next time you play the game. Pretty much like Squid Game did with many other games.


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No Escape Room

It is the story of a father-daughter duo left stranded in a strange town. No Escape Room sees the duo enter an Escape Room that is filled with traps. They soon find out that these “game” will determine their survival, and they are having a hard time at this pass-time place.


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The movie might just give you a reason to trust a waitress the next time she suggests something to you?



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