Midnight Mass: Making of a Mike Flanagan Horror Thriller

Published 10/02/2021, 1:31 PM EDT

A Mike Flanagan horror television series is sending chills through the spines of all horror shows’ fans. Netflix’s brand new supernatural horror Midnight Mass is now streaming on Netflix. It was dropped on September 24th, 2021. The Haunting of Hill House maker Mike Flanagan has created and directed this miniseries.

Midnight Mass is a haunting supernatural tale about the overzealousness of religion, addiction, and misguided faith. This miniseries of Netflix can shake your core from the inside and make you question your beliefs on the world, religion, death, and life. It is a slow-burning mystery with an explosive ending.


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This recently released Netflix Original has received a lot of positive critical reviews.

What is the series about?

The story develops around an isolated island. After a young man and a charismatic priest enter the village, the community experiences miraculous events and frightening omens.

Father Paul forces many people from the community to lead the life of vampirism. Midnight Mass becomes a big thing for the community. The vampires of Crockett Island go on a hunt for new food. They kill or turn people into vampires who do not attend the latest Midnight Mass.

Making of Midnight Mass

Flanagan got the idea of creating Midnight Mass back from his childhood. Once he served as an altar boy at the Church where he found about the supernatural ideas in the Bible. Demons, vampires, angels, and a priest are all connected to Bible.

Netflix released a video on its YouTube channel where the creators spoke about how the idea was generated and got implemented. Mike Flanagan himself narrated the incidents that led to the characters’ development. Interestingly, he mentions that he feels Riley is his avatar in the story from back in the days when he used to drink.

Flanagan also told Vanity Fair, “It’s impossible to separate the Bible as a book from horror literature. It has everything in there. It’s overtly and unapologetically espousing supernatural, horrific events left and right. Even the hero of the story — God, the embodiment of love — drowns the world when he gets angry enough in the Old Testament.” 


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Midnight Mass Cast

This Netflix Original features Kate Siegel as Erin Greene, Zach Gilford as Riley Flynn, Samantha Sloyan as Bev Keane, Hamish Linklater as Father Paul Hill. Besides, Rahul Kohli plays Sheriff Omar Hassan and Henry Thomas is seen as Ed Flynn.


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