Love, Life and Everything in Between: All You Need to About the New Netflix Arab Anthology Series

Published 03/17/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

Netflix has a vast library of romantic content on the platform. To that library, another content has been added which comes from the land of royalty. They have released Love, Life and Everything in Between this week, which was created by international directors around the world and even set in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian territories, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Morocco.

Netflix is releasing some of the best content in March, which includes Autumn Girl, The Adam Project, and also Bridgerton season 2 which is coming on March 25th. Love, Life, and Everything just added to the list of the best content. They develop the show around an Arabic anthology, which has some intense plot and dark humor. The artist from the show has done an amazing performance.

If you love romantic shows or films or not, we can guarantee this show will move your soul.


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Now let’s find out more about the television series Love Life and Everything in Between on Netflix.

When is Love, Life, and Everything in Between coming on the platform?

The television show is already up on Netflix on March 10th, 2022. The show has eight episodes. Each episode will visualize the love story from a different region.


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Is there any trailer for the show?

Yes, there is a trailer for Love, Life, and Everything in Between. But the show is in Arabic. You can always change the audio to English and watch the show.

Who all are there in the show?

Love, Life, and Everything in Between has eight stories, which are created by Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan, Mahmoud Sabbagh, Hany Abu-Assad, Sandra Bassal, Khairy Beshara, and Amira Diab.

The cast includes Reem AlHabib, Mishal Almutairi, Ahmed Ezz, Samer Bisharat, Asser Yassin, Elie Njeim, Amer Hlehel, Shaden Kanboura, Nadah El Shazly, Dhay Alhelay, Sami Hanafy, Nasser Akabab, Fatima Zahra Qanboua, and Rita Hayek.

What the Love, Life, and Everything in Between is about?

Love, Life and Everything in Between is an anthology series of eight episodes, which were journeying with their potential partners through various countries. Each story will highlight the difficulties the couple has to face while dedicating their love to someone unconditionally. But, just with a little attention, their effort will turn into joys.

Now, let’s hear some of the stories from Love, Life, and Everything in Between.

Episode 1: “O Brother”—Egypt

They set this short film in Egypt and develops around a bride and groom canceled engagement story. Apparently, the bride’s father lost his good omen, so he went in search of a good omen and bring it back.

Episode 2: “Al-A’Sha” – Saudi Arabia

They set this short story in Saudi Arab, where a psychiatrist finds herself stuck on an absurd date.

Episode 3: “Kazoz” – Palenstine

They set the third story in Palestine, where a determined bride is on her quest to get married on Valentine’s Day, no matter what.

Episode 4: “Babydoll and Lampchops”—Tunisia

They set this short story in Tunisia, where a husband is caught up in a messy web of financial woe while simply attempting to pamper his wife for Valentine’s Day.

Episode 5: “National Day Of Mourning In Mexico”

They set this short story in Egypt, which follows a day of Valentine’s Day when Hassan roams in the city to save his fiancee from the stop-love police.

Episode 6: “Glitch Love”- Saudi Arabia

They set this short story in Saudi Arabia, which follows around a Saudi pop star who agrees to record with a very peculiar studio engineer.

Episode 7: “Sidi Valentine”- Morocco


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They set this short story in Morocco, which develops around Lotfi, whose days go south when his car mysteriously disappeared.

Episode 8: “The Big Heart Red”- Lebanon

They set this story in Lebanon, which develops around Sami, who got the job to deliver a big giant teddy bear.


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