What’s Leaving Netflix This Week (June 21st – June 27th, 2021)

Published 06/20/2021, 5:44 PM EDT

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Here is everything that’ll be leaving Netflix this week from June 21st to June 27th, 2021. Make sure there’s nothing you’ll miss!

As we all know, the popular streaming platform Netflix gives us new content to enjoy every week. However, there are also many movies and series departing from it. While keeping an eye on the new releases to know what awaits us, we also have to look at what’s leaving not to miss anything. So, if you were planning to watch anything that’s on the list, this is your last chance to do so. Anyways, let’s check out what movies and series are leaving Netflix this week.

Fortunately, there is not anything that would sadden many fans with their departure. There’s a couple of Netflix Originals alongside some low-profile movies. We highly doubt you’d regret missing anything on the list, but it’s always good to make sure.


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  • Goldie (2019)

Goldie is a drama movie about a teenager who fights against the system. Starring Slick Woods, Goldie tells of a tough young girl in a family shelter, both trying to keep her sisters together and pursue her own dreams. Sam de Jong is the director of this movie.

  • Salem: His Sister’s Father (2014)

This is an Arabic-language comedy-drama that’s about a poor street vendor who takes care of his sister after their parents die. Directed by Mohamed Hamdy, the movie has an IMDb rating of 3.5.

  • Dark Skies (2013)

This is a movie to look at for horror fans. Directed and written by Scott Stewart, Dark Skies is a sci-fi horror thriller about the disturbed peace of the Barrett family. Its IMDb rating is 6.3, and you can check out the trailer below.

  • Cooking on High (Season 1) (Netflix Original)

This is a competitive cooking show with an interesting twist: the primary ingredient is marijuana. That makes you understand the actual point of the title upon learning the premise. Well, this is your last shot if you want to give this show a chance.

  • Heavy Rescue: 401 (2 Seasons) 

This unorthodox documentary is about some heavy recovery operators of Southern Ontario. They try to rescue cars and keep the traffic going in one of the busiest places in the world. It has a fine IMDb rating of 7.0. Here’s an excerpt from Heavy Rescue: 401.


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  • The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019)

That one is an animated comedy movie that’s a sequel to The Secret Life of Pets. The main premise is about two dogs, one being a terrier and the other being a stray dog. When the stray dog Duke comes in, the terrier Max does not like it at all. The movie features the voices of Kevin Hart, Patton Oswalt, and Harrison Ford. Check out its trailer below.


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Alright, this is a wrap. That was everything that’s leaving our popular streaming platform Netflix in the upcoming week. Don’t forget to also check out what’s coming to Netflix this week, as you can find something that’s suitable for you.



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