Is Uncharted available on Netflix? Where Can You Watch It Online?

Published 02/19/2022, 12:30 PM EST

Every college girl’s dream boy- enchanting, Brit, Classic- what more do you want? Yes, we are talking about Tom Holland indeed. And well, it is a universal truth that we cannot keep him from vaulting in the air and shooting the spider web everywhere. But, you know, there are always exceptions. After his successful debuts in Marvel movies as our beloved Spiderman; Holland is now starring in a new action-adventure flick, Uncharted. We know fans are already wondering if Uncharted is available on Netflix. If you want an answer, just bear with us as we are here to clear all your doubts.

This adventure flick is based on a video game

Gamers are in for a treat as Uncharted aired in theaters on 18 February 2022. The entire world knows about this treasure hunt video game where people have to go through many life-threatening adventures to find valuable treasures. And now director Ruben Fleischer dutifully brought the game in the form of a film right on the big screens.


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Apparently, this adventure thriller follows a young treasure hunter, Nathan Drake, played by you know who (Yes, Tom Holland). Holland’s character teams up with a seasoned treasure hunter, Sully, played by another talented actor, Mark Wahlberg. They will go around the world and dig out some of the most valuable treasures, including stacks of gold hidden by the crew of the Magellan Expedition worthy of $5 billion, at the stake of their own lives.

Sure, this movie will be a great watch, knowing Holland and Wahlberg have teamed up to serve us a promising action-adventure premise; But where can we watch it? Will we be able to stream it from the comfort of our home?

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Is Uncharted available on Netflix?

Well, not at present, but someday, you can. Although you won’t be able to see it on Netflix before it releases on video-on demand, but we predict it to flash on your Netflix window in 2023. As last year, Sony signed a deal to bring the studio’s 2022 slate films on Netflix.

Okay, so what if we want to watch it right away?

Where to watch Uncharted movie?

Right now, the only way to watch Uncharted is in movie theaters. And we have made it easy for you. Here you can easily find a showing at a movie theatre near you. Further, once the airing in the cinemas is over, one can purchase Uncharted on digital platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, et cetera.

So when we exactly stream it?


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The straightforward answer is, WE DON’T KNOW. Sony did not have any specified digital streaming strategy even during the pandemic. Venom… another Sony original was available to rent on Vudu a little after its release on the big screens. However, Holland’s Spiderman: No Way Home, is still airing in the cinemas and we have no hint as to when it will be available on the streaming platforms. Hence, it all depends on how well Uncharted does in the cinemas.

Further, we cannot rule out the possibility of Uncharted bringing its adventures to Disney+. One thing we are sure about is, it won’t be available on HBO Max as it is not a Warner Bros. production and Max won’t be streaming theatrical movies in 2022.


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Do let us know in the comment section if you have already planned to crash the cinemas or you will wait for Uncharted to stream on Netflix?




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