Is ‘Free Guy’ Streaming On Netflix? Where Is It Available To Watch Online?

Published 02/12/2022, 10:45 AM EST

Gosh! It feels like ages ago when we first saw the trailer for Ryan Reynolds starter Free Guy back in 2019. Who knew at that time that all our plans to watch the high-action, colorful film in the theater would be broken by a pandemic. But not to worry, thanks to OTT platforms like Netflix, we might be able to experience the game world of Free Guy in our homes.


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What is the movie about?

Starring alongside Reynolds is Taika Watiti, Rel Howery, and Jodie Comer. Free Guy is an action-adventure film about a character in an open-world game named Guy(Reynolds). The story accelerates when Guy becomes self-aware of himself in the game and begins the journey to make himself the Hero of the game. Free Guy blends Sci-Fi concepts with action to produce a thrilling yet exciting ride. Shawn Levy directs it.

Lewis and Reynolds have recently collaborated again in Netflix‘s The Adam Project.

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Is Free Guy available on Netflix?

The pandemic has made movie watching really confusing for the fans. We don’t know whether we’ll see it in theatres or which streaming platform will stream it first. But don’t worry, we are here to show you the way.


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Netflix has an extensive library of action, Sci-fi adventure films. So if you go ahead and search for Free Guy on Netflix, we’ll not judge you, but, sadly, you’ll not find anything there.

As Free Guy is produced by 20th Century Fox, which now is owned by Disney. Technically it is a Disney film. So it’ll not be available on Netflix, HBO MAX, or even Hulu.

Free Guy has announced that it will be available for streaming on Disney Plus from the 23rd of February on its Twitter handle.


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So let us know in the comments whether you will be heading to Disney Plus to watch the film.



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