“I looked like a drunk child”: Stranger Things Star Sadie Sink Remembers the First Time She Met Taylor Swift

Published 05/29/2022, 10:30 AM EDT

Sadie Sink has had an amazing career in just a matter of years. She has gone from starring in a super successful series to even getting cast into a short film by Taylor Swift. And while on her appearance on The Tonight Show. Sadie said a lot of good things about Taylor and her experience of shooting with her. Fallon even shared an early picture of the 20-year-old actress with the singer-songwriter.

Let us see what Sadie Sink said during her visit to Jimmy Fallon’s show on the night of May 24th.

Sadie Sink shared her memories of meeting Taylor Swift


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On Monday night, Sadie Sink appeared on The Tonight Show to discuss the forthcoming season of Stranger Things, which promises to be horrific.

But, until she could get to any of that, Jimmy Fallon, a self-professed Swiftie, had to ask the actress what it was like to feature in Taylor Swift’s All Too Well short film.

Jimmy told Sink that Taylor wanted her badly in the film even so that she would not have done it unless Sadie starred in it while recalling a recent conversation with the singer.

Sink, still stunned by her great luck, shook her head in astonishment and said, “No! Like I didn’t know she knew I existed! And if she would have asked me to be a tree in something I would have said yes in a heartbeat.”

Fallon then recalled Sink that it wasn’t the first time she’d seen Swift. As Sink blushed at the picture of her as a toddler taking a fan photo with the singer backstage at a concert.


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Sadie says she hates her first picture with Swift “Because my eyes were like halfway closed and I looked like a drunk child!


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It was certainly a huge moment for Saide. And even though she does not like the picture, her good fortune helped her to do a whole film by Swift.


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All Too Well is a 14-minute short film that Swift directs herself. It stars Sadie and Dylan O’Brien. You can watch the entire movie on youtube.

Have you guys seen the short film? Let us know in the comments if you guys liked it or not.



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