How a Meme-Based Show Is Bursting Netflix Charts? Why ‘Is It Cake?’ Is Getting So Popular?

Published 03/23/2022, 8:30 AM EDT

Netflix has some really great shows ranging from comedies to horror, mindless watches to thought-provoking ones. So when a show whose premise is baking and based on a meme trend that is nowhere to be seen now. It makes us wonder why Is It Cake? trending on all Netflix charts.

Let us find out the reason for the show’s massive popularity.

Is It Cake? beating them all


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Netflix isn’t afraid of bizarre stuff, and its latest reality show is one of the strangest ever. Is It Cake? chronicles the Internet trend of people deceiving others into believing cakes are other items.

Is It Cake? is hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Mikey Day. The show pits cake artisans against one another in an attempt to make delectable masterpieces that resemble handbags, shoes, and other items you wouldn’t want to eat. This past weekend, the comedy premiered on Netflix and has already gained a large following.

Is It Cake? takes the top spot in the Netflix Top 10 on Monday, outperforming all other films on the streaming site. The new competition series even outperformed The Adam Project and Bad Vegan on the daily list, demonstrating its popularity.


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But why is it so popular?

For starters, the show has Mikey Day as the host. He brings genuine laughs with his awkwardness, making the show a delightful watch. Everything is theatrical, dramatic, and presented in the voice of someone who doesn’t know how to turn off their brain. It’s all ludicrous, and it shouldn’t last more than a few episodes — yet it does, thanks mainly to Day’s ability to emit energy like a supercharged battery.


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Where many reality shows fail is where Is It Cakes? triumphs. The show has a great set of contestants. They’re all fundamentally talented: consider that they have around eight hours every episode to produce a cake that doesn’t seem like a cake, and they do a pretty good job most of the time.

It will make you want to eat a cake that doesn’t look like a cake, which is key.


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Finally, the show has a great premise. It blends two of the most crucial things all human beings throughout the world love- cakes and being surprised.

So if you haven’t seen the show go stream it right now on Netflix. And if you have how many times were you fooled on the show?



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