7 Times Celebrities Set the Met Gala Red Carpet Aglow, With These Unforgettable Fashion Statements

Published 04/30/2024, 5:15 AM EDT

As the luminaries of Hollywood begin their preparations to revitalize their fashionista senses at the upcoming Met Gala, a surge of couture queries and closet pointers are expected to arrive any moment now. At the Met Gala, stars do not just bring their best game to the red carpet but establish their status as style icons, and over the years, several prominent figures have carried the emblem of fashion queen-pin with their largely meticulous fashion flavors to suit the theme. 

The Met Gala has forever been iconic for two reasons- fashion and timelessness. Hence, as it rolls around once more, providing a perfect opportunity for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, let's pause to reminisce about the top 7 fashion moments that made history. 

Princess Diana (1996)


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Fashion is an art, and true art tends to stay. It is probably why, even decades after Princess Diana’s Met Gala appearance in 1996, there remain plenty of reasons for fashion influencers to revisit this couture moment. Strutting the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with class and elegance, Princess Diana brought home the future of fashion in Christian Dior.

If it were the 2000s, the piece would have been nothing new, but back in the 90s, it was something the world of fashion had never seen before. The Princess stole that night in a navy silk slip dress with black lace detailing from John Galliano’s debut couture collection as the Creative Director of Dior and a robe accompanied by the Dior Lady Di bag which was originally named the Chouchou. She paired the dress with studded diamond bracelets and a pearly necklace embellished with sapphire stone. 

Cardi B (2019)

Transitioning to the fashion of the 2000s, one unforgettable style moment that stayed on Met Gala’s fashion playbook was Cardi B's debut appearance at the event in 2019. The artist made sure to leave an indelible mark on the annals of fashion history with her inaugural gala ensemble.

Opting for a Moschino gown that exuded drama and vitality, Cardi B, who was pregnant, arrived at the event in a stunningly exaggerated crimson gem-embellished creation, proudly showcasing her baby bump. This iconic fashion statement perfectly balanced the theme and allure, as the dress elegantly accentuated her maternity curves while featuring a daring leg reveal.

Kim Kardashian (2021)

A fashion moment that does not take Kim Kardashian into account is no fashion moment at all since the reality star has lived and breathed fashion like no other celebrity in Hollywood’s heart. While Met Gala appearances are all about being over-the-top, Kardashian, the present Balenciaga ambassador, chose her 2021 appearance with more lean on the extravaganza with a top-to-bottom Balenciaga spandex.

A true American of roots, she ensured that her look donned the brooch of American fashion’s legacy and, most importantly, she even succeeded. 

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Blake Lively (2022)

From the screens of Gossip Girl to the nods of ‘It’ girl, Blake Lively has infused fashion royalty in her blood. However, in 2022, Lively took the American flex up by a notch with her Atelier Versace dress that was a tribute to the Statue of Liberty. The actress showcased a pure moment of magic with fashion on the steps of Kensington Palace, which led to future recreation of the same.

Her couture serve was so historic that 2 years later, the daughter-in-law of Indian industrialist, Radhika Merchant re-created the look for her pre-wedding cocktail dinner party.

Kim Kardashian (2022)

Every year, Kim Kardashian ensures to pull her best cards of fashion for the Met season, and for 2022, the star took out Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’ gown for a spin. In an interview with PEOPLE, Kardashian once revealed how she traveled the extra mile by losing 16 pounds to fit into the dress, worth $10 million.

Despite her clear testimony and commitment to fashion, this revisit was met with far-and-wide controversies with accusations pointing at the SKIMS founder for allegedly damaging the dress. However, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Vice President of Publishing and Licensing, Amanda Joiner, clarified that no harm was done to the period piece. 

Gigi Hadid (2022)

The 2022 Met Gala was one of the high points of Hollywood’s couture curtain call and, following the footsteps of Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian, it was Gigi Hadid who rocked the ‘Gilded Age’. Hadid donned a Versace piece in shiny scarlet paired with pointy-toe stiletto boots and skin-fitted latex pants.

The supermodel wore a corset underneath with an overflowing puffer coat that evoked a ruling class queen energy on the Met steps. It was undeniably one of the biggest signature drops by Hadid on the red carpet that still makes fashion influencers take a bow.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky (2023)

During last year’s Met Gala, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky arrived fashionably late, but their fashion game made a unanimous echo, better late than never. The duo paid subtle homage to the late Chanel creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, while redefining couture drama in a renewed sense.


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A$AP Rocky wore a Gucci ensemble with a black blazer and white shirt paired with a high-low red plaid kilt over baggy jeans. On the other hand, Rihanna wore a white Valentino gown with a floor-grazing train, and a pair of opera-length fingerless gloves while flaunting her baby bump. 

With that, although the swipes of Met Gala’s hard-to-forget looks over the years come to an end. For 2024, the gates of fashion cues have not yet opened. However, since the stars have taken the fashion waves high with their penchant for redefining and reinventing the same, the upcoming Monday will witness a new catalog of couture inspiration. 


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Which among these 7 Met Gala moments is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!



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