Wrexham Local Reveals a Heartwarming Tale About How Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Changed His Life

Published 11/14/2023, 1:09 AM EST

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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney may not be Welsh, but Wrexham surely means home to them. When the duo first took over the Red Dragons, no one imagined them to be as involved and committed as they are today. Two years since 2021, the A-listers have transformed the team and the town alike. Reynolds and McElhenney treat Wrexham and its people as their own. Now one more person has borne witness to this.

Not long ago, a Wrexham local revealed how the Hollywood duo helped him during his lowest phase of life.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s adorable gesture towards a Wrexham local will leave you in awe


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The Wrexham owners have had an incredible impact on the town altogether even contributing to its economy. Not long ago, a Wrexham local narrated a heartwarming tale about the Hollywood duo. Stephen Tapp, who owns Wrexham’s Trainer Revival store, previously suffered a terrible tragedy with his business. Apparently, a bunch of thieves broke into the shop, getting away with £7,000 worth of stock. To stop the business from closure, Tapp started a fundraiser targeting £3,500 donation. Interestingly, Tapp noticed how a pledge from Rob and Ryan appeared on his fundraiser page.

Shortly after, the owner realized that the money was from the Hollywood A-listers. As impressive as it may sound, Tapp ended up raising over £8,000 to save his business. The businessman was in tears after the wholesome gesture from Wrexham’s co-owners. He took to Twitter to express his gratitude to the two as he wrote, “literally saved my business and I’ll be forever grateful. ” Tapp could not hold his feelings back as he concluded, “If you only knew what that donation has meant to my life.”


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While this gesture from the Hollywood duo is undoubtedly heartwarming, it is not uncommon.

How the Hollywood duo has changed numerous lives in the Welsh Town


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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s journey as Wrexham owners has been no less than a fairytale. Apart from achieving immense success on the field, their off-the-field endeavors are equally exemplary. Firstly, Reynolds and McElhenney have hugely supported Wrexham’s development. The duo has made a series of charities and donations to better the lives of people.

In addition to that, they have treated the entire Red Dragons squad as their family. They have never shied away from supporting the members during their personal issues, both financially and emotionally. Wrexham also pays a huge salary to its players in comparison to other teams in the Welsh league. Surely, Reynolds and McElhenney have achieved great success at Wrexham whilst being philanthropic and supportive of its people.


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