With a Blockbuster Behind Her, What Ventures Will Modern-Day 'Barbie' Margot Robbie Tackle Next?

Published 04/05/2024, 4:18 AM EDT

Barbie has been a household name for six decades, but it was Greta Gerwig's vision that gave it a fresh coat of pink paint. Margot Robbie brought Barbie out of the box, into the real world, smashing box office records with over $1 billion in ticket sales and helping toy titan Mattel bounce back with a surprising $27 million profit. Now that Barbie is behind the actress and producer, Robbie is already gearing up for her next three big hits.

Margot Robbie is said to be diving into three new projects, but she is not sticking to acting alone- she will also be spreading her wings as a producer. 

A Big Bold Beautiful Journey


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As per a report from Deadline in February, Margot Robbie and Colin Farrell are teaming up for the fantasy romance A Big Bold Beautiful JourneyThis movie will be Margot Robbie’s first big project after Barbie. Imperative Entertainment, which was also behind the Oscar-nominated Killers of the Flower Moon, will be backing the production of the project. Meanwhile, 30West is set to handle the financing. 

According to the studio, filming will kick off this spring in California. Director Kogonada will be directing the script written by Seth Reiss. This movie had many independent buyers drooling, and the studios went all out, battling it out over multiple days. However, it boiled down to Sony and a few others, until Tom Rothman’s team came out on top.  

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While the key plot details are still tightly under wraps, the movie has been described as a magical journey about two strangers and the extraordinary adventure that brings them together.

Adaptation of Avengelyne

Margot Robbie knows her comics, having played Harley Quinn in multiple DC flicks. Now, teaming up with Olivia Wilde, the actress is gearing up for her own superhero project based on Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld's Avengelyne. As per Deadline, Robbie is on board as a producer via her LuckyChap Entertainment, while Wilde will be taking the director's chair. No one knows whether Robbie is suiting up for the lead or if they are eyeing another actor for the role. But Deadline confirmed that a "big A-list writer" is circling the script.

The project is still on the hunt for a home, so the team is getting ready to shop it around to studios and streaming platforms in the upcoming weeks. There have been past attempts to give Avengelyne her big-screen moment, but they all fell through. Remember back in 2013 when Gina Carano was attached to the star? Then, in 2016, Paramount supposedly grabbed the rights for a version from Akiva Goldsman. After so many near-misses, Robbie's take on the adaptation could be a game-changer for the actress and her production house.

Adaptation of The Sims


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Margot Robbie is not stopping at “Barbies”, she is also diving into the world of virtual gaming. She will produce a movie inspired by the legendary computer game, The Sims. It will be her second upcoming project under her production banner, LuckyChap Entertainment, along with Avengelyne. And to sweeten the deal, Kate Herron, the genius behind the first season of Loki, is joining the team to direct and co-write the script. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vertigo Entertainment is also jumping on board alongside Robbie's LuckyChap.

The Sims is like having a virtual dollhouse on steroids, where players can craft their own characters and live out any scenario they can dream up. From the most ordinary day-to-day tasks to the most fantastical adventures, it is all fair game. As for Robbie's potential involvement as an actress, that is still a bit of a mystery. The project has not found its studio match yet, but LuckyChap has a deal with Warner Bros. in the bag.


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