Will Smith, Rick Ross, and Dennis Rodman Seen Hanging Out Together? Twitter Video Sends Fans in Frenzy

Published 06/30/2023, 11:00 PM EDT

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Finding celebrities look alike on social media has become a huge trend in recent times. Not only is the trend an incredibly popular one, but it is also highly entertaining at the same time. While sometimes the resemblance might not be as precise, there are a handful few cases where it is difficult to tell them apart. Over the years, multiple celebrities have had many of their look-alike getting viral on social media. Unsurprisingly, Will Smith is no exception. And recently a video of the Men In Black star’s doppelgänger left many on the internet guessing.

We are no strangers to the huge list of popular celebrity friends Will Smith has. From athletes, and rappers to fellow Hollywood stars, the actor surely enjoys high-profile connections. And not long ago, a video on Twitter left many guessing about whether Will Smith was partying with basketball legend Denis Rodman and rapper Rick Ross. A Twitter user, Jukumarajj shared a video of three individuals partying together in the ocean. Surprising as it sounds, the people featured in the video bore an incredibly uncanny resemblance to Smith, Rodman, and Ross. The video took Twitter by storm as fans could not help but fall for it.


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The video features an individual with a hairstyle similar to Rodman pulling down the Rick Ross lookalike into the ocean. While the two did resemble the stars, it was the Will Smith lookalike that shocked everyone. In the video, the doppelgänger of the actor is seen vibing along with the music. The video left one fan very convinced as he confirmed whether the video was actually true. Meanwhile, a handful could not hold their laughter back seeing the video.

On the other hand, few fans played along to the joke. While one commented, “Will now has arms like a girl? Please” while the other wrote that the man does look like Smith.

As funny as this look-like video was, Will Smith is undoubtedly the king of humor who even took a jibe at the Oscar incident once.


Throwback to When Academy Award Winner Will Smith Revealed His “Perfect” Movies

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When Will Smith took at jibe at Oscars


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We are not strangers to the drama that surrounded Will Smith after he slapped Chris Rock. The actor became subject to massive criticism from the masses. Moreover, a number of Hollywood celebrities came forward and called out the actor. The actor apologized for the actions as well. However, funny as he is Smith even made a hilarious video while reflecting on his past behavior.



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The actor made a remix with a popular TikTok video where the user explains how people could ask objects what they thought of them. Smith carefully listened to the explanation before reaching for his own inanimate object. Hilarious as it sounds, he picked up his Oscar award. As soon as the actor begins to ask the statue a question, the video comes to an end. The video received a great response from the fans as they lauded the actor for reflecting on his past behavior and being hilarious at the same time.

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