While Trying to Make Wrexham a Global Force, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney May Face Competition in the Beverage Department

Published 10/18/2023, 2:35 PM EDT

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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s Wrexham journey just keeps getting better and bigger every day. After taking over the club in 2021, the duo has given the fans plenty to brag about. From helping the club secure promotion after 15 years to making an impact in the Women’s league, their contribution has been massive. Despite achieving the unthinkable, Reynolds and McElhenney’s ambition still runs high. 

It is clear that the Hollywood duo has bigger plans than football. After delivering a thrilling documentary series on the team, the pair has plans to enter the beverage industry with the Red Dragons. However, there might be some hurdles on the way.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney might face some ‘beer fight’ in future


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Since their takeover in 2021, Reynolds and McElhenney have never shied away from discussing their dream with Wrexham. The beer industry is among the many sectors the duo plans to dominate with the Red Dragons. Reports previously revealed how the Hollywood stars are determined to launch a special Wrexham-themed beer. While Reynolds and McElhenney have left no stone unturned to get their hands on the rights, they are not the only ones competing for the same. As per reports by Mirror Co.UKMaster Brew Ventures LLC is in a bid to seize the rights to sell these beverages.

The Pennsylvanian-based brewery is already on track to take an edge over the Wrexham duo. The report further stated that the company had already filed the necessary documents to secure the deal. However, their application is currently underway, and they are yet to receive any decision. Meanwhile, the Wrexham duo’s efforts are not short either. Reynolds and McElhenney have been on the grind to secure the rights for Wrexham-themed beer for a while now. Moreover, they have already submitted a bunch of names they have in mind for the drink at the UK’s property intellectual office


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Entering the lager and beer industry would prove to be a significant move for Wrexham in their run to become a global force. It would also help dominate the second division in a peculiar way.

How securing Wrexham’s lager rights can help the Red Dragons?


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It seems like Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have some impressive strategic plans to take Wrexham forward. Securing the rights for the beverage with the club’s title would prove to be a significant help to their goals. It would allow the duo to sell beers and lagers in League Two bearing the club’s name. This would be a great move in refining their brand name among the Welsh leagues.

In addition to that, the reports revealed how Reynolds and McElhenney already enjoy trademarks to market goods in multiple industries. Some include athletic gear, clothes, toys, and even video games. However, taking it one step at a time, the duo is determined to secure the beverage rights initially.


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