Was ‘Sugar Daddy Barbie’ Ever Real? The Truth About All the Discontinued Barbies from The Margot Robbie Film

Published 07/23/2023, 1:30 PM EDT

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Greta Gerwig’s live-action adaptation of Barbie stood out from the rest due to its extraordinary portrayal of the Mattel world. It brought an astonishing array of Barbies and Kens to life on the big screen. With her exceptional directorial finesse, Gerwig breathed life into a diverse cast of Barbie, each embodying their own unique personas. Margot Robbie flawlessly embodied the Stereotypical Barbie, capturing her essence with unparalleled charm. However, it was the carefully crafted diversity of the other Barbies that truly lent depth and purpose to the film.

Venturing into spoiler territory! For those who have already experienced Barbie, certain characters like Pregnant Midge and Sugar Daddy Ken may come to mind. But what has become of these intriguing archived Barbies beyond their appearance on the silver screen?

The discontinued Barbies- A reality in Barbie

Since 1959, Mattel has been an expert in branding its dolls. Barbie takes a trip down memory lane, resurrecting discontinued dolls with incredible attention to detail. As per Her Campus, the rediscovered treasure is Sugar Daddy Ken, portrayed with utmost style and sophistication. Another unconventional Barbie to make a triumphant return is Pregnant Midge. In a refreshing departure from the norm, she proudly embraces her natural beauty, sans makeup. The unique version of Allan, Ken’s best friend, offers a delightful twist. As an outcast, Allan plays an essential role in the movie, leading the charge to bring back Barbie Land to the Barbies themselves.

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Another return is the TV Back Barbie, a visionary doll with a camera and video screen on her back, symbolizing the essence of filmmaking and storytelling. Tanner, Barbie’s pet, adds a delightful touch to the movie, encapsulating the joy of pet care and nurturing. Amongst the memorable dolls is Teen Talk Barbie, whose unfortunate phrasing of “Math is tough” sparked controversy. Mattel discontinued this doll due to its unintentional reinforcement of gender stereotypes. They discontinued The Growing Up Skipper Barbie to ensure a positive impact on young minds. It was to recognize that body image should be approached with sensitivity and care. Finally, the flamboyant Magic Earring Ken dazzled audiences with his raves, purple mesh shirt, and extraordinary energy.

Barbie’s decision to revive these discontinued versions sends a powerful message, emphasizing the celebration of uniqueness and diversity. Gerwig skillfully navigates the delicate balance between feminism and gender equality.

Barbie: Ken- The equal proportion

In the empowering realm of Barbie Land, where women rise to prominence, Gerwig skillfully weaves a tale that reminisces Ken without neglecting his significance. While Barbies rule as presidents, doctors, and political leaders, the role of Ken may have seemed overlooked at first. However, Gerwig’s brilliant storytelling transcends stereotypes, exploring Ken’s true essence beyond merely being Barbie’s boyfriend. In an outstanding portrayal, Ken emerges as a captivating character on his own journey of self-discovery and identity.

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Amidst the awakening of Barbie’s empowering world, Ken reveals his true essence beautifully, dispelling any exploitation. His reprisal involves breaking free from patriarchal norms, as he embarks on a journey to build his own Kendom Land, a realm of self-discovery and growth. Ken skillfully maintains the balance as he sheds tears of realization, understanding that his existence transcends being just Barbie’s companion. Ken surely does take the spotlight.

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