Unveiling Prince Harry’s Whereabouts at Princess Diana’s Tragic Death Ahead of ‘The Crown’ Season 6 Release

Published 10/28/2023, 12:18 AM EDT

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Princess Diana’s death was arguably one of the most shocking events in the history of the British monarch. Initially, the world had a tough time accepting the tragic incident. Difficult as it was, her followers accepted things for what it was and moved on. However, the recent trailer for season 6 of The Crown has reignited the grief among the masses.

Not long ago, Netflix unveiled the final trailer for one of the most iconic shows on the Royal Family. With Princess Diana’s death as the center of attention, fans’ intrigue about the dire event has piqued. And one question that lingers in everyone’s mind is the whereabouts of a young Prince Harry at the time.

Prince Harry after the fatal car incident of Princess Diana


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It was August 1997 when the world woke up to the saddening news of Princess Diana’s fatal accident. Grief took the world by storm as the Royal Family’s most beloved member left the world behind. Meanwhile, her younger son Prince Harry, who was 12 years old at the time, was with other members at the Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The former Duke Of Sussex shared the same in his book Spare.

However, Prince Harry was too young to know what really happened. He admitted that he did not shed a single tear upon hearing the news. The former Royal revealed that he was in a state of complete shock as his father broke the news to him. While King Charles tried his best to empathize with him, Prince Harry confessed, “nothing was OK for a long time” in an interview with CBS’ Anderson Cooper.


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The incident played a huge role in the Duke’s life. Even though he has never been very open about it, Prince Harry once revealed how Princess Diana’s presence could have avoided a major fallout in the Royal Family.

The former Duke Of Sussex on how his late mother would have never let this Royal Rift happen


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Prince Harry and Prince William’s complicated relationship is a much-discussed affair. The drama between the two royal brothers has been going on forever. However, the former Duke Of Sussex once admitted how his late mother would have not allowed the feud to ever happen. During his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Prince Harry revealed that his rift with his brother “would have never gotten so far” if Princess Diana was alive.

It is impossible to predict where the duo would have been had Princess Diana been alive. However, the fans might get an idea of the bond the two brothers shared initially. The upcoming season of The Crown will offer bigger roles to Prince William and Prince Harry’s characters. Apparently, the final season is likely to explore the aftermath and how the two brothers coped with their mother’s tragic death.


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