Two Years of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney: The Wrexham AFC Transformation

Published 10/27/2023, 1:27 PM EDT

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The whole narrative of Wrexham changed overnight when the genius leadership of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over the mantle of the club in 2021; perfectly justifying the phrase that quality leaders do matter. Under their leadership, the team was able to rise above its average performances and establish an unshakeable fan base. In order to show their appreciation, the club recently honored its leadership.

Wrexham’s reputation has undoubtedly grown because of the two actors’ inclusion of the picturesque city in their documentary Welcome to Wrexham. Now the club is marking another milestone.

Wrexham AFC is celebrating its two-year milestone under new ownership


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On their official Instagram account, the Welsh football club posted a snapshot of Reynolds and McElhenney standing in casual winter attire, looking at one other. Furthermore, the caption acknowledged the stars’ presence in Wrexham. It said, “Two years to the day” when the club welcomed its co-chairman for the first time to the town. Further adding to the fact that the duo’s impact on the club following their sudden takeover is unquestionably admirable. And the reasons for this are just as intriguing.


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In 2021, the Deadpool star and McElhenney took over the operation of the team from the fan-supported Wrexham Supporters Trust. And have consistently sought to revitalize the club by investing £2 million to bring it up to English Football League standards. Reynolds stated plainly in his official statement during the takeover that his primary focus would be the fans, players, and local communities, and that he desires to see the team make a fantastic return to the EFL.


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Not only the Welsh team, but another Wrexham player recently expressed his thoughts on the impact Reynolds and McElhenney have had on the club.

Wrexham player speaks out on the real impact the actors have had on the team


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Wrexham AFC’s standout defender Ben Tozer recently claimed in an interview with talkSport that the team and the town are still experiencing the significant effects of the famous actors’ club takeover. The 33-year-old player also stated that interest in the club remains, even though the team is presently in League Two. Additionally, Tozer was one of the first big acquisitions when the actors took over the club, and he has now reflected on his time there.

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The former Newcastle United and Northampton Town player also said that the team was able to finally achieve a promotion from the National League after 15 years thanks to the actors in the stands. He also discussed the actor’s latest Welcome to Wrexham series, revealing that fans may watch the finale of everything and what happened last season. Further, he added that the club had a fantastic second season and is currently third in the league table.


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