The Peculiar Reason Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Felt Kissing Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘True Lies’ “Weird”

Published 11/11/2023, 2:15 PM EST

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Acting is no easy feat. It often requires an actor to step out of their comfort zones. Sometimes they have to go the lengths to deliver a scene perfectly. While Hollywood is no stranger to actors going out of the way in a film, there are often times when an actor gets extremely uncomfortable while working on a project. That is exactly what happened with Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his biggest hit films True Lies

Despite being one of the most established actors, The Terminator star had a tough time doing a romantic scene alongside lead actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Recently, the Halloween Ends star revealed why she felt Schwarzenegger was hesitant. 

Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger have a tough time kissing Jamie Lee Curtis on True Lies?


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The 1994 comedy-drama film, True Lies starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis as lovers on-screen. While the film did a remarkable job at the box office, working on a handful of scenes was a challenging task for the Austrian Oak. Yahoo reported the Freaky Friday star’s statement in an interview with Closer magazine recalling the kissing scene. The Austrian Oak was a huge fan of her father, Tony Curtis and thus the actress added, “I think it might have been a little weird for him having to make out with Tony’s daughter.” 

Curtis added that Schwarzenegger always thought of her as “Tony’s little girl.” However, the actual reason was quite different. As per reports by, the age gap between the two stars was the main concern for the Kindergarten Cop star. Schwarzenegger was about 47 years old in True Lies while Curtis was just 35 years old.


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The film played a significant role in both the star’s respective careers. However, Curtis revealed why True Lies could never have a sequel. 

Jamie Lee Curtis on a sequel to True Lies 


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True Lies was a game changer in Hollywood. It was one of the first films in Hollywood that had an astounding budget of nearly $100 million. However, Jamie Lee Curtis feels that the film could have never had a sequel after the terrorist attacks 9/11 attacks in New York in 2001. The actress added that she feels it would be inappropriate to show terrorism on the big screen. 

True Lies starred Schwarzenegger and Curtis as Helen and Harry Tasker. The film followed the story of the couple as Harry allowed his wife to go on a spy mission despite the thoughts of Helen having an affair crossing his mind. While the film’s sequel might never see the light of the day, the actress admitted that Helen was one of the greatest roles of her career.


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