Ted vs Chandler: Who Is the Better Lead From ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘Friends’?

Published 08/21/2023, 9:10 AM EDT

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There has always been a tug-of-war among the US sitcoms that have captivated different genres of audiences over the years. Out of them all, the fierce competition between How I Met Your Mother and Friends stands out the most. Despite running on totally different parallels, both shows have one thing in common: friendship. With the key element so subjective, sitcoms freaks have only faced a dilemma over the years over whom to love the most. Between the leading characters of the CBS drama, Ted Mosby and Chandler Bing from Friends, who won the most hearts?

Friends aired way before How I Met Your Mother. Therefore, both shows have their own set of fans. However, there are a handful of fans who have their priorities set on their all-time favorite character. Josh Radnor portrays the adorable character, Ted Mosby in the CBS sitcom, while Matthew Perry plays the sarcastic role of Chandler Bing in the NBC drama.

There are outstanding qualities in both characters to determine why fans love each so much.


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Why are fans crazy over Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother?

From the beginning of the series till the end, Ted Mosby takes the lead. Therefore, the viewers get to see a lot more of the character. There is a beautiful, funny, and emotional ride when the viewers get a closer look at Mosby’s life. And here are some reasons the viewers feel attached to the character on a deeper level.

Emotional openness

As soon as we stream the first episode of the show, we hear a voice of a man telling a story to his kids about how he met their mother. Throughout his story, we see Ted being vocal about his emotions. Even if he is happy, or sad, be it his anger or disappointment, Ted Mosby just feels everything and makes the viewers feel it too.

Do you remember how he steals the Blue French horn for Robin on their date? And how he expresses his love on the very first date? Moreover, because of his emotional maturity, Ted is able to confront and comfort Marshall when he and Lily break up for a while as well.


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The best example of his emotional openness is his act of telling the story to his kids.

Friendship with Marshall and Barney

The entire show is based on the friendship between all the members of the group. However, Ted and Marshall have been friends since they were in college. They both share so great of a bond that watching them support each other makes us crave the same kind of bond. Whenever Marshall loses control, Ted always makes him calm.

Ted and Barney’s friendship is also one of the most interesting parts. Ted always keeps Barney in a reality check. All three friends have spent their craziest times together.

Obsession with Robin

One of the things that is extremely closest to the character’s identity is his obsession with Robin. From the day he met her, Ted could not stop thinking about her. They even date for a while. However, things don’t work out between them. But until they finally dated each other, Ted was a little too preoccupied with convincing her to give it a try.

Even after they broke up, it was harder for him to get over her. Although sometimes it was a little too much, this obsession sometimes brought out the best of Ted Mosby as well. The conclusion of the series is a classic example of Ted’s never-dying yearning for the love of his life, Robin Scherbatsky.

Center of the show

In Ted’s story, there are subplots of other characters as well. Despite those other stories, Ted somehow always stays the center of it all. Be it Lily’s decision to continue her relationship with Marshall, or Barney’s love for Robin; everything finds its way centered around Ted Mosby.

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Interestingly, the ending of the story is also centered around him winning the love of his life back. It is safe to say that Ted Mosby enhances the stories of the surrounding characters.


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While Ted has these great qualities that make him adorable, Chandler Bing also has his own skills, which makes him a fan-favorite character.

Why do fans love Chandler Bing from Friends?

Even after more than 20 years, fans still love Chandler Bing. Apart from Matthew Perry’s honest portrayal of the character, here are some qualities of Chandler that make him more lovable.

Turns emotions into sarcasm

One of the major things that fans love about him is his sarcasm. Having a troubled childhood, Chanler developed a defense mechanism. There are several instances where he showcases his inability to deal with emotions in healthy ways. Even there is an entire episode named The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry (06 x 14).

However, his witty sarcasm is the key aspect of Chandler’s character. “I’m not great at advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” is a direct reference from the character himself which makes him a classic Chandler Bing that fans love a lot.

His iconic friendship with Joey

Chandler and Joey have given friendship goals throughout the show. Chandler supports Joey in his acting career. He pays for his classes as well. Sometimes Chandler even goes to the auditions and shootings with Joey, as well.

Even when he and Monica decide to shift from their apartment, they reserve a room for Joey as well. His separation from Joey hurt Chandler more than any breakups he has had. Although fans often debate about Barney vs Joey, if Chandler is with Joey; they are unbreakable.

Unexpectedly falls for Monica

Chandler and Monica’s love story became extremely loved because their story is unique in many ways. For instance, first, they both have had terrible relationships. Secondly, they both are best friends who turned lovers.

Despite they have seen each other’s worst, they are in love. The adorable couple makes fans believe in love by having the most romantic ending of their relationship.

One of the mains in the story


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Although Chandler is not the center of the show, like Ted, he is one of the most important characters. At times, it is Chandler who holds the group together. His hilarious and witty comments make the mood of the show. Moreover, Chandler’s troubles with ladies are also another funny story.

This is the show where the characters are the stories. Therefore, Chandler Bing’s story is one of the most loved and essential stories in the show.


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While this debate can go on and on, there is one element between Ted and Chandler that is the same: their longing for love. Definitely, they have distinguished characteristics. But love binds them together. Who is your favorite: Ted or Chandler? Tell us in the comments below.



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