Sydney Sweeney Reveals a Surprising “fun fact” About ‘Immaculate’s Last Scene That Marked Her Career’s Best

Published 05/03/2024, 3:20 AM EDT

It does not happen too often that the very last shot of a movie feels like the most important reason the film was made in the first place. And even if it does, not every last shot can push the viewers to the edge of their seats like Immaculate did. While the entirety of the religious-horror was dark enough to leave a feeling of discomfort in the hearts, it was the last shot, the intense, bloody final scene, that became the true show-stopper.

Sydney Sweeney, while promoting the movie, revealed a trivia about that particular shot, which was even more shocking than the scene itself. 

Trigger Warning: This article contains gory descriptions that might be disturbing for some. Reader discretion is advised.


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Sydney Sweeney divulged a behind-the-scenes nugget about Immaculate

A lengthy close-up of Sydney Sweeney, drenched in blood, screaming through the intense pain of unmedicated labor until she tears her teeth through the umbilical cord of her not-so-Immaculate child, - just the mere description of the scene is enough to send chills down someone. As per Sydney Sweeney, a “fun fact” about this bizarrely brilliant film scene of the year is that it was “the first take”, the actress revealed in a press conference for the 2024 film in Mexico. 

In another interview with GamesRadar, the Euphoria sweetheart revealed that she went without any preparation for that scene.It was more of…we were tight on location and time and set up," said the 26-year-old actress. Just this final scene convinced fans of the kind of range, Sweeney, as an actress possesses. Interestingly, the maker of the movie already saw this reaction from fans coming, even before the movie hit the big screens. 

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Immaculate director, Michael Mohan, shared ahead of the movie’s release, that it will be a crown jewel for Sydney Sweeney. 

Michael Mohan on Immaculate's effect on Sydney Sweeney's body of work


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Even before joining forces for Immaculate, Michael Mohan was already aware of Sydney Sweeney’s brilliance, having worked with her on two projects before. In an interview with Variety, the filmmaker boldly declared that “People are going to walk away having an extreme reaction to” Sydney Sweeney’s performance in the movie. Not only this, but Mohan had also given a hint about the ending of Immaculate, and he was not exaggerating even a bit when he called it the “boldest film”. 

The director put out the disclaimer saying that the movie will be “a roller coaster ride, but the ending is f*cking extreme”. Nonetheless, despite being this intense and gory, the movie broke box office records with the highest opening weekend earnings. And the final shot will definitely linger in people's thoughts for generations. 


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What do you think about the last scene of Immaculate? Did it have you nearly falling from your chair too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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