Shawn Levy Reveals Big Dream for Deadpool, and Finally Uniting Him With Spider-Man

Published 06/17/2024, 9:02 PM EDT

As the summer box office heats up with new releases, it acts as a much-needed warm-up before the highly anticipated arrival of Deadpool & Wolverine in theaters. However, Shawn Levy’s keen foresight means the film not only has a pre-workout but also a post-workout strategy. Although Deadpool & Wolverine has yet to hit theaters, Levy has already decided that the next superhero he envisions teaming up with Deadpool is none other than the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Peter Parker.

Until now, the mercs and claws kept the world on edge with excitement. But with the potential for Deadpool and Spidey's antics, the chaos is undoubtedly set to double.

Shawn Levy’s plans for Deadpool and Spiderman following Deadpool & Wolverine


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In the latest issue of Total Film via Games Radar, director Shawn Levy shared his desire for Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds to team up with Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in a future film. Discussing Deadpool’s antics and “audacity,” Levy emphasized that this boldness is what makes the character so intriguing. He believes this audacity would soar if Deadpool joined forces with “Spidey.” 

“I feel like Tom Holland would run circles around everyone else,” Levy remarked, expressing his enthusiasm for such a project. While Levy envisions a Deadpool and Spider-Man collaboration, producer Wendy Jacobson expressed interest in a showdown between Deadpool and She-Hulk villain Titania. Although Deadpool & Wolverine open the door for Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth to engage with various heroes and villains, one still needs to await its theatrical arrival to experience such a dramatic unfolding.

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Fans, however, look completely sold on the proposition as Deadpool and Spider-Man seem to have already taken the slot for the MCU’s next priority-tagged movie after Deadpool & Wolverine.

Fans gear up for Deadpool and Spider-Man following Shawn Levy’s confessions

With Deadpool & Wolverine, Shawn Levy aims to introduce cameos of a diverse array of heroes and villains. While Taylor Swift's dazzling debut is not planned for the upcoming movie, the potential idea of teaming Deadpool with Spider-Man following Wolverine has left fans eagerly intrigued. Fans seem completely on board with the idea, provided it follows the format of Deadpool & Wolverine, with Spider-Man joining Deadpool in the film. 

Many fans have already suggested that Levy start writing the script, with some proposing a switch from Tom Holland to Andrew Garfield. 


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Others, while excited, hoped the idea was not forced. Overall, the positivity was palpable, as fans were largely supportive of the concept. Although Levy has only expressed his desire without any concrete plans for a Deadpool and Spider-Man collaboration, this hint has been enough to excite fans. However, with Deadpool & Wolverine up next, the Spidey-Deadpool team-up will have to wait until theaters are ready to erupt with enthusiastic chants of "LET’S F**KING GO."


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