Ryan Reynolds’ Insanely High-Valued Investments That Will Surprise You

Published 09/25/2023, 4:38 PM EDT

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We are all aware of the incredible business acumen Ryan Reynolds possesses. The Deadpool star is among the few actors who enjoy an astonishing career beyond Hollywood. Reynolds is an extremely bankable businessman. It’s safe to assume that Reynolds has a touch of Midas, converting everything he touches into gold. And a while ago, a statistical report about the actor’s investments surfaced online.

When we talk about Reynolds, many assume he is the witty, impeccable actor who brought characters like Deadpool to life. However, in reality, he is much more than a Hollywood A-lister; he is a successful entrepreneur. And the value of some of his investments will leave you in awe.

Sneak peek into some of the most successful investments by Ryan Reynolds


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Ryan Reynolds has made some highly profitable investments over the years. The Deadpool star’s ventures beyond acting have significantly increased his net worth. As surprising as it sounds, in a span of four years, Reynolds sold stakes in two companies worth nearly $2 billion. Firstly, the actor’s investment in telecom company Mint Mobiles became one of his biggest business deals. After acquiring 25% of the company, the actor sold his stake to T-Mobile, who acquired Mint Mobiles for $1.35 billion in 2023.

The company witnessed a massive growth in revenue of nearly 50,000% since Reynolds’ became a part of it. In addition to dabbling in the telecom industry, the Free Guy star made another successful investment gin. In 2018, Reynolds bought a stake in the American gin-making company Aviation Gin. Bringing his Midas touch, the actor converted it into another super successful investment.

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Two years later, after acquiring a stake, he sold his share for a whopping $600 million. Meanwhile, the co-owner of Wrexham shed some light on building a successful career in business. 

The Deadpool star on building a career in business


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There is no doubt that Ryan Reynolds is an incredible businessman. However, fans are often eager to know more about how the actor expanded his career beyond Hollywood within such a short period. And interestingly, the answer lies in Reynolds’s approach towards anything he does. Not long ago, in an interview, Reynolds explained his comfort in exploring unfamiliar territories.

As per the Canadian actor, he does not really have much of an idea when it comes to business. Reynolds even admitted it. However, he revealed how he usually goes on while experimenting as he told Entrepreneur, “You can’t be good at something unless you’re willing to be bad.” And unsurprisingly, this advice has surely helped the actor a great deal in his career.


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