Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s Last Moment Signing Proves to Be an Incredible Performer for Wrexham

Published 11/12/2023, 10:57 AM EST

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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have done wonders for Wrexham. Since their takeover, the Hollywood duo have achieved the unthinkable in just two seasons. However, one of their most impressive feats was bringing back Ben Foster out of retirement. While Foster had a memorable time at the Racecourse, he could not keep up for long as he bid farewell. The club’s fanbase was in shambles since the Red Dragons did not have anyone strong at the goal. However, the Hollywood duo solved that problem as well. 

Not long ago, the Red Dragons welcomed Arthur Okonkwo on loan to meet their short-term requirements. And it seems like the duo’s decision is paying off. 

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s goalkeeper signing proving worthy


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Wrexham’s transfer market this year was no less than a rollercoaster. The Red Dragons had a dramatic time as they failed to bring promised players but also made some unexpected signings. And one of the most surprising new players on board was Arthur Okonkwo. Wrexham pulled off the agreement with the player just before the transfer market reached its deadline. However, it is proving to be an impactful decision. Okonkwo has put in an impressive performance so far for the Red Dragons. He has made ten appearances conceding only 8 goals in the competition. 

Okonkwo kept five clean sheets in all his appearances. The most recent one came off against Red Dragons’s victory over Gillingham in the Second Division. Okonkwo comes with a rich experience in the sport. He was previously a part of the Premier League giants, Arsenal. However, he has never started for the Gunners.

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The player’s performance has been a delight to watch and fans are surely eager to see what Okonkwo has to offer. Meanwhile, Wrexham boss Phil Parkinson also showed his confidence in the player. 

Phil Parkinson on Arthur Okonkwo


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It seems like Wrexham boss Phil Parkinson feels great about Arthur Okonkwo and knows that the player will make an impact on the club. The manager previously admitted in an interview with Goal that Okonkwo was a last-minute signing. He added that the club was looking for other options but went forward with Okonkwo in the end. Parkinson believes that he has real potential up his sleeve.

Meanwhile, the former Arsenal star seems to be making himself at home in Wales. Okonkwo has rented an apartment in Wrexham and the boss is surely confident about having him on board. Parkinson concluded his statement as he spoke, “He has been an important signing for us so far and I think he is going to get better.” Wrexham currently stands at the third position and only time will tell whether Okonkwo is a horse for the long race or a one-time wonder. 


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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Land Major Breakthrough in Their Quest for a Significant Wrexham Overhaul

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