Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Face New Competition for Showbiz Headlines as THIS Rap Star Has Entered the Welsh Football Scene

Published 10/09/2023, 2:29 PM EDT

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Recently, the Welsh league has become a topic of contention among football fans. It has gained immense popularity and earned fame on a global level. And unsurprisingly, most of the credit goes to Wrexham’s Hollywood owners, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. The duo has been a roll with the Red Dragons and has played a significant role in the club’s impressive growth. Since their fairy tale run is a topic of much discussion among the fans, football has become Hollywood’s new favorite sport.

After taking over the reins at Racecourse, it seems the Hollywood duo is set to face some new competition. 

A popular hip-hop mogul to compete against Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in the Welsh football


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Over the past two seasons, Reynolds and McElhenney have been the face of Wrexham and Welsh football. The Hollywood duo have made a remarkable impact on and off the field. In addition to promoting the sport, they have also gained recognition for their role in popularising the Welsh culture. However, after calling the shots at StoK Racecourse since 2021, the duo has a rival for showbiz headlines. Interestingly, renowned hip-hop star 50 Cent has agreed to sponsor a U-14 girls’ team

The American rap sensation has agreed to sponsor the away kits for AFC Rumney’s girls’ team. Alongside Cent, his hip-hop collaborators from the G-Unit will be displayed on the design of the club’s uniforms. AFC Rumney’s manager Richie Brown delightedly spoke to BBC as he expressed his joy regarding the same. Meanwhile, bringing the rapper on board as a sponsor was an unexpected affair. 


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Apparently, a Rumney player’s father was working alongside 50 Cent on his recent tour. While conversing with him, he casually brought up the question of whether he would become a sponsor. To his delight, 50 Cent immediately agreed to sponsor the away kits. Interestingly, generous as he is, the rapper even agreed to bankroll the tracksuits of the U-14 team.

Meanwhile, Wrexham’s National League legacy might soon be surpassed.

How Wrexham’s impeccable 2022-23 record in the National League could be broken


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Wrexham’s National League run was no less than a fairy tale. After nearly two decades, the Red Dragons displayed incredible grit and determination to secure a promotion. Moreover, the Welsh side even set the bar high with their record-breaking stats. As impressive as it may sound, Wrexham became the only team to lift the trophy with a whopping 111 points. However, it seems like their legacy was short-lived

The top performers in the National League have been putting up an incredible show for the viewers. Chesterfield, who are currently at the top of the table, have been averaging 2.51 points per game in contrast to Wrexham’s 2.41 points per game last season. If the club keeps up with the same statistics, The Spireites will finish with 116 points, clearly topping Wrexham’s record.


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