Ranking the Top 5 Eddie Menuek aka Chandler’s Roommate’s Moments From ‘Friends’

Published 11/18/2023, 4:08 AM EST

Friends has served fans with incredible stories of 6 people going about life together. While Monica and Ross have set sibling goals high, when it comes to friendship, fans automatically go to Chandler and Joey. From complete strangers to ‘bracelet buddies’, the Joey-Chandler duo stuck by each other no matter what. However, earlier in their friendship, there was a time when Joey moved out, leaving Chandler no choice but to look for a new roommate.

There came one of the most hilarious and Chandler’s “Pal“, Eddie, who brought memorable moments with him that fans of the show still keep close to their heart. Here are the top 5 moments that Friends fans cherish.

Top 5 Eddie Menuek moments from Friends


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In the 17th episode of the second season, Joey moved to his own spacious apartment. This is when Chandler brings Eddie Menuek home as his roommate. Portrayed by Adam Goldberg, Eddie appeared for a total of 3 episodes, leaving fans with unforgettable moments. During his appearance as Chandler’s roommate, he constantly undermined Chandler’s authority. Moreover, his delusional way of seeing everything brought in a lot of laughter, just like when he told the “funny story” about his breakup.

Eddie’s ‘Funny’ breakup story

Of course, Eddie could not compare to what Joey had to offer as a roommate. Joey and Chandler had a lot of things in common, unlike Eddie. Therefore, to find common ground with his new roommate, Chandler offered to have a getting-to-know-you time. In Episode 18 Season 2, Chandler found out how crazy his new roommate was when Eddie told him about his breakup.

Describing his breakup, he claimed his ex-girlfriend, Tilly, “ripped out my heart and smeared it all over my life.” This is the moment when Chandler realized his new roommate was more than a bit unhinged. However, Eddie soon realized it was not such a funny story as well.


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His odd and delusional personality was further highlighted when Tilly paid a visit to Chandler’s apartment in the same episode.

Tilly’s visit to Chandler’s apartment

Tilly came by to drop off Eddie’s fish tank, which already did not have a fish. However, before Tilly could leave, Eddie arrived at the apartment, assuming Chandler and Tilly came physically close. As soon as Tilly left, Eddie accused Chandler of having slept with his ex-girlfriend. However, while Chandler was explaining the situation, Eddie noticed the missing fish, Buddy, from the tank.

During their argument, Chandler accidentally put his hand over Eddie’s shoulder, which he instantly regretted. “Now, that can’t be smart,” said Chandler and put his hand back into “Mr. Pocket.” This scene is incredibly hilarious because this is when Eddie’s strange personality comes off as extremely intense. Instead of hitting Chandler, Eddie hit himself while lashing out at Chandler.


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Interestingly, he brings a new fake fish and names him after Chandler as well. But his unusual behavior did not end there.

Eddie watched Chandler sleep

Chandler’s tolerance power reaches a height when one night he found how Eddie watched him when he was asleep. Finally, in Episode 19 of Season 2, Chandler asked his annoying roommate to move out, which made him “feel peaceful. Shockingly, Chandler found out that Eddie had been doing it for several nights, which made him angry.

Despite Chandler saying it out loud, Eddie said, “No, no, no. I wanna hear it from your lips,” making Chandler even angrier! Finally, Eddie got up agitated and promised to leave the apartment the next day. However, of course, he did not do so. Although Chandler hoped his roommate would be gone, once again, he lived in his delusion, which takes him to an imaginary Las Vegas trip as well.

Eddie’s Las Vegas road trip

Chandler was sure Eddie would move out of the apartment, and he shared the good news with Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel at the coffeehouse. Instead, he found Eddie hanging outside the window, looking at Chandler with “a human head. He came in and asked Chandler to use the head for their next cocktail party.

Adding to everyone’s shock, when Chandler asked Eddie about the conversation they had the night before, Eddie said, “We took a road trip to Las Vegas, man.” Of course, it was all in his head, as he also showed off the new shoes he thought Chandler bought him. In this scene, it seemed Chandler would never get rid of this roommate.


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But how can one forget the magic of the Joey-Chandler friendship?

Joey finally moves back

Episode 19 of Season 2 reunited Joey and Chandler, who finally kicked Eddie out of the apartment. Chandler and Joey put the saying, ‘Tit for tat’ into use when they threw Eddie’s things out and made room for Joey! When Eddie could not open the changed lock and got confused, he asked Chandler to open the door while reminding him that he was his roommate.


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To Eddie’s surprise, Joey, sitting on his comfort chair, turned around and introduced himself as Chandler’s long-time roommate. Of all the iconic Friends moments, this was one of the best as it shows the unbreakable bond between Chandler and Joey.

No matter what happened, Chandler Bing and Joey Tribianni never left each other’s side till the end. This love, friendship, and brotherhood are also reflected in Matt LeBlanc’s parting words for the late Matthew Perry.


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Share your favorite Eddie Menuek moments in the comments below.



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