Once Again Ryan Reynolds Is Ready to Choose Wrexham AFC Over His Own Family, This Time at the Cost of One of His Children

Published 09/15/2023, 5:43 AM EDT

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Time and again, Ryan Reynolds has proved his love for his work, family, and, above all, his Welsh football club. The Deadpool actor, when acquired the club with Rob McElhenney, knew nothing about the game. However, both celebrities dived into the ocean of the football world only to discover their never-ending passion for the sport. Even the players, the crew members, and the Welsh community have accepted and embraced this duo as family members.

While getting a new enormous family in the Welsh town, it seems, the Canadian actor’s love for his family in the USA is getting affected. He once again proved his greater love for Wrexham AFC over his own family. Only this time, it surpassed his love for his 4 children, too.

Ryan Reynolds’ love for Wrexham AFC is greater than his fatherly feelings


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The Free Guy actor is famous for his expression of love for his wife, Blake Lively, and his kids, publically. However, after being a part of Wrexham AFC, it seems his love is shifting courses. On the 12th of September, Welcome to Wrexham season 2 premiered, where his admiration for his club was visible. In the premiere, the actor learned they would not be receiving the $20 million grant from the UK government to renovate the stadium. Therefore, to raise funds for the stadium, he joked about selling one of his babies.

Wrexham AFC’s advisor to the board, Shaun Harvey, broke the news to the owners when Reynolds acknowledged the huge problem. While Harvey consoled the owners and promised them they would think outside the box to find a solution, Reynolds offered to sell one of his children. He jokingly said, “I have four. I don’t even know their names.” While he joked, McElhenney expressed his doubts about the 46-year-old actor having this whopping amount.

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During the confessional interview on the show, McElhenney revealed he would talk to Lively to know if he had $20 million lying around. Earlier, the Wrexham FC owners proposed to get funding from the government to expand the stadium’s capacity to host people. While the deal seemed optimistic, this recent update put the owners in a difficult position. Nevertheless, with the team’s efforts, everyone appeared to have hope. This is not the first time Reynolds’ dedication to the club took over his family or even his work.

The Deadpool actor’s passion for Wrexham AFC is superior


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Currently, the Vancouver-born actor is filming the most-anticipated film, Deadpool 3. But the production has been on pause due to the ongoing strikes in Hollywood. But did you know the Deadpool production moved to London to make it easier for Ryan Reynolds to work with his club? Even the director, Shawn Levy, opened up about how his friends’ dedication to his club was affecting the shooting of the film.

Not only did he shift his work, the Green Lantern actor also bought a house in a Welsh house to stay closer to his club. Additionally, he also joked in one of his Mint Mobile advertisements that Paul Mullin shared his family plan, and not his wife. Despite all the jokes and teasing, his love for his family is undeniable. Being iconic and funny, the Wrexham AFC admired his joke about his baby. But they know he would work something out to raise the funds.


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