North West’s 3-Week Old TikTok with Kim Kardashian Shows Billionaire Mom and Daughter Doing Opposite Things

Published 07/23/2023, 2:00 PM EDT

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Kim Kardashian, a shining star in the entertainment world, defies expectations as a single parent at the age of 42. The heartwarming bond she shares with her daughter, North West, is a sight to behold, evident through their countless moments of shared joy. From camping adventures to creating videos together, the mother-daughter duo embarks on delightful escapades. The SKIMS mogul has been refreshingly candid about her struggles, openly sharing how facing setbacks, such as failing the baby bar exam, has deepened her connection with North West.

In a heartwarming display of their special bond, the mother-daughter duo have a joint TikTok account, delighting fans with their beautiful collaborative videos. A recent gem has emerged, showcasing West and her billionaire celebrity mother.

Kim Kardashian out in another TikTok with daughter North West

Recently, the reality star treated her daughter to a birthday filled with camping adventures, creating precious memories together. Adding to the joy, a new treasured video, uploaded three weeks ago, has surfaced on their joint TikTok account. It showcases the radiant Kardashian, the brilliant mind behind SKNN by Kim, living and breathing with fresh, glowing skin. As per Techno Trenz, the video captures a captivating moment as both the mother and daughter embark on entirely different activities. The harmony between them is evident as they jam to their own lyrical versions of Katy Perry’s ‘Hot and Cold.’

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In a glimpse into their intimate moments, the SKIMS mogul exudes natural beauty with her sans makeup look showcased by the red scar visible on her forehead. Meanwhile, North West confidently flaunts her stunning complexion accentuated by mascara. The duo’s enchanting scene unfolds as they rest side by side on a white pillow.

West’s cascading curls frame her radiant face. Her mother lovingly captions the video with two pink hearts and a star emoji. In a bid to foster positivity and shield their happiness from any negativity, comments are thoughtfully turned off.

This heartwarming video is just one of the many enchanting encounters that radiate the beautiful mother-daughter bond. A treasure trove of such moments exists, each one capturing the essence of their unbreakable connection.

Kim Kardashian vibing to Kanye West’s song

Amidst her glamorous world as the SKIMS mogul, Kardashian’s life is a tapestry of emotions, particularly when it comes to her ex-husband Kanye West. Through her own episodes of venting and introspection, she navigates the complexities of love and pain. She also grapples with the controversies that surround him. In a poignant moment, she, after having a teary breakdown, shared a video with daughter North West. The two were joyously grooving to one of Ye’s songs, ‘American Boy.’

In this captivating video, the reality star confidently flaunts her radiant no-makeup look. She dons a chic black jacket that exudes effortless style. By her side, North West is a vision of youthful charm, dressed in a pristine white top. She adorned it with delicate white jewelry and a matching jacket. The duo then sway to the beat of West’s song ‘American Boy.’

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