Macaulay Langstaff Reacts to Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Calling Him Out in ‘Welcome to Wrexham’

Published 11/17/2023, 12:07 PM EST

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Sports and entertainment are two happenings that have always kept people hooked. However, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney created an iconic crossover between the two with their documentary series Welcome To Wrexham. The series is a perfect balance of adrenaline and comedy. While Wrexham boys ensured an incredible display on-field, Reynolds and McElhenney ensured that the series was no less on the banter font. The series did not escape Reynolds’s wisecracking humor as the actor took hilarious digs throughout.

Among the many individuals who fell prey to Reynolds’s incredible sense of humor was opposition striker Macaulay Langstaff. And recently, the Notts County talisman finally responded to the comments.

Macaulay Langstaff expresses gratitude to Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney for their comments


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Not long ago, the Hollywood duo took hilarious jibes at the goal-scoring sensation Macaulay Langstaff in Welcome To Wrexham. Reynolds and McElhenney praised Langstaff for his incredible performance in the National League whilst asking him to “f*ck off.” The comments quickly gained heat on the internet with the fans enjoying the banter. Owing to the hilarious reactions that followed, Langstaff could not hold himself back from reacting to the statements. The former Notts County sensation recently appeared in an interview with Sky Sports as he revealed, “It was brilliant.”

Langstaff expressed his gratitude to the actors for their generous comments. He humbly added how being called handsome by the Hollywood stars was a tremendous compliment. However, Langstaff revealed that he had not watched the episode owing to a personal reason. The star striker admitted how it was difficult for him to watch the episode since the Red Dragons had defeated his team.


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Elsewhere, the 26-year-old also had a few words for the duo’s popular Welcome To Wrexham. Despite not watching the entire episode, the 20-second clip featuring the Hollywood duo left him in splits. While Notts County and Macaulay Langstaff might have posed a serious challenge in Wrexham’s title race last year, the tables seem to have turned.

Wrexham and Notts County in the Second Division


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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney seem determined to gain back-to-back promotions with the Red Dragons. The club has been riding the waves with their exemplary performance. Throughout October, Wrexham did not lose a single match, giving them a clear steer from their former National League rivals. While the oldest Welsh side currently stands second, Notts County is in the fifth position on the league table.

The Red Dragons are just five points from reaching the top of their division. They have been putting up a show for their fans in other competitions as well. Not long ago, Wrexham recorded a huge win in the FA Cup pushing them to the fourth round of the competition. Meanwhile, individual performances from the players have also been amazing, with Elliot Lee earning a Player of the Month nomination as well.


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