Loved Bart Edwards in ‘The Witcher?’ Here Are 5 Other Projects You Should Watch Featuring the British Actor

Published 08/28/2023, 5:34 AM EDT

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In the fantastical world of The Witcher, appearances can be deceiving. Beyond the main characters that the series revolves around, the supporting cast has also delivered exceptional performances that truly resonate. Just like Yennefer’s remarkable journey into motherhood alongside Ciri, another monumental moment was the revelation of Ciri’s true father. The White Flame, initially seen as Ciri’s greatest adversary, turned out to be none other than Emhyr, played by Bart Edwards.


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Edwards is definitely someone to keep an eye on, especially after his outstanding role in The Witcher. Turns out, The Witcher is not the only remarkable thing on his resume. Edwards has ventured into different series, leaving his mark even before The Witcher came along. If you are curious about his other accomplishments, here’s a creative list of his projects.



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Picture this: a young employee, grappling with a mental breakdown, finds herself reluctantly pulled back into the whirlwind of work. But here’s the twist—her job involves orchestrating drama in a dating competition called Everlasting. Her mission? To manipulate the contestants and capture jaw-dropping moments for the show’s cameras. Intriguing, right?

Enter Edwards, stealing scenes as Jasper. He portrayed a successful and handsome Wall Street Investment Banker, competing for the affection of Serena—the inaugural female star of the show. UnREAL marked Edwards’ debut in American television, and he is one to keep an eye on. The show’s four captivating seasons, spanning from 2015 to 2018, are available for streaming on platforms like Google Play, Amazon, and Vudu.

The Singapore Grip

Set against the tumultuous backdrop of World War Two, this period drama embarked on an epic journey. The Singapore Grip illuminated the life of a British family in Singapore during the Japanese invasion. This captivating tale delved deep into a pivotal juncture in the Asian theater of World War II: the surrender of Singapore to the Japanese forces. In this narrative, Bart Edwards had taken on the role of Captain James Ehrendorf, contributing his talents to the drama’s tapestry.

So, who was this Captain James Ehrendorf? Imagine a dashing American soldier, head over heels in love with Joan, even though she treated him rather poorly. He was fully aware of it, yet he kept subjecting himself to moments of humiliation, all for the sake of love’s complicated dance. Edwards shone in the character, and the series is available to stream on Amazon.

State of Happiness

Having witnessed Edwards shine brilliantly, he took center stage in the Norwegian series Lykkeland, also known as the State of Happiness. The show unfurled against the backdrop of a thrilling oil rush that ignited in Norway on that unforgettable Christmas Eve in 1969. It painted a picture where the lives of four youthful individuals intersected in the midst of this transformative era, brimming with aspirations, concealed truths, and the twists of destiny.

The series made a splashy debut at the first-ever Cannes International Series Festival and walked away with two coveted awards and stole the spotlight. Just as powerful as The White Flame., this BBC Four’s drama is available to stream on Apple TV where Edwards portrayed Jonathan Kay.


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He was a young, spirited American lawyer from Texas, sent to Stavanger by his employer, Phillips Petroleum. His mission: to negotiate the company’s agreement with the Norwegian government. But as the story unfolded, Kay’s journey was filled with challenges and twists that truly tested his resolve.

The Dare

The Dare is a gripping survival thriller presented by The Horror Collective. The film starred the dynamic duo of Bart Edwards and Richard Brake, delivering an adrenaline-fueled experience. Moreover, guided by co-writer and director Giles Alderson, the movie delved deep into the shadows of the past. Lastly, it explored the intricate bonds between parents and their children in a way that left viewers pondering.

Bart Edwards gave a riveting performance as Jay Jackson, a man who was kidnapped and held captive without ransom. Additionally, driven by his deep love for his kids, Jay fought to escape the brutal depths of his confinement in a remote basement. Also, the story unveiled a desperate struggle for survival, as Jay’s determination to reunite with his children became his guiding light in the face of unimaginable cruelty.

Peep Show


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In this 2003 sitcom, two mismatched college buddies navigated adulthood together. Created by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, Peep Show starred David Mitchell and Robert Webb in a British gem that earned awards and acclaim. It had Mark, the sensible one with a flair for style and a quirky interest in World War Two. Further, there was Jeremy, the laid-back dreamer aspiring to be a musician but struggling to get his act together.

Bart Edwards portrayed Joe, a pivotal character in the ninth series. Joe played dual roles as both Jeremy’s life-coaching client and Megan’s boyfriend, contributing layers of complexity to the evolving narrative. While Joe continued dating Megan, a coincidental meeting with Jeremy sparked a clandestine affair concealed from Megan. Even though she was simultaneously engaged with Jeremy. The series climaxed in the finale, where the threads of both affairs unraveled, revealing the intricate web of relationships.


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Which one is your favorite project of Bart Edwards? Let us know about it in the comments below.



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