Kim Kardashian Surprises Fans With A Rare Picture of Her Rarely Seen Dog Sushi’s Picture

Published 07/24/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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Beyond being a proud mother to four children, Kim Kardashian has a genuine penchant for playing the role of a loving ‘pet mommy’ to her adorable companions. Just like any other A-list celebrity, she is absolutely enamored with her pets. Interestingly, it was her former spouse, Kanye West, who presented her with a precious white kitten, adorably named Mercy. However, it comes as no surprise that her pet family doesn’t end there. The star proudly boasts three charming Pomeranians: Sushi, Saké, and Soba/Soy Sauce.

Kardashian’s pets are not exempt from her iconic style statements, and this was vividly evident in the recent picture she shared of her adorable Pomeranian, Sushi.

‘Sushi’ catches the limelight again on Kim Kardashian’s feed


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The Kardashian family undoubtedly captures attention wherever they go, but their track record with pets has left fans curious and concerned. People often wonder about the fate of their previous animal companions. Amidst the intriguing mysteries, one little Pomeranian named Sushi holds a special place in the family’s heart. Presented as a birthday gift to North West, Sushi may not frequently bask in the limelight, yet whenever the adorable pup does make an appearance, it becomes nothing short of iconic.


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Sushi, the Pomeranian who once graced the cover of Vogue in 2019, reclaimed the spotlight on Kardashian’s Instagram feed. After sharing her son’s hearty tribute to Lionel Messi, Kardashian shared a cute picture of Sushi. Adorned in a fluffy, hot-pink turtleneck sweater, Sushi looked nothing short of a four-legged fashion icon. The adorable pet exuded an air of refined elegance, with every inch immaculately groomed and not a single strand of fur out of place. What truly captured hearts was Sushi’s expression—a perfect blend of nonchalant charm and mysterious allure. Kardashian simply captioned the post as ‘Sushi’ accompanied by a Sushi emoji.


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Within their family circle, Kardashian’s pets lead a low-key life away from the dazzling limelight, but they are undoubtedly beloved and well-known in their own right. But the reality star’s pets do not stay long with her.


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Kim Kardashian’s estranged pet family

During her relationship with Reggie Bush, the reality star welcomed a boxer named Rocky into her life back in 2007. However, after their breakup, Rocky seemed to fade from the public eye and Kardashian’s companionship. Later on, she adopted a charming white Chihuahua named Princess, whom she found outside a nail salon. As her busy schedule took a toll, Princess found a new home with a caring vet’s assistant.

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Subsequently, Kanye West showered her with the gift of a white kitten, adorably named Mercy. Unfortunately, due to a newfound allergy to cats, Kardashian had to part ways with Mercy as well. Now, she finds joy and solace in the loving presence of three delightful Pomeranians: Soba, Soy, and Sushi. Only time will tell how long this furry family will continue to bring happiness into her life.

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