Joey vs Barney: Who Is the Ultimate Entertainer Among the ‘Friends’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Character?

Published 07/26/2023, 8:02 AM EDT

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There has been a long debate going on about which is the better show: Friends or How I Met Your Mother for so long. While some choose the ’90s’ sitcom, others love the 2000s show. Although both shows have their own charm, there are two characters from each show that share plenty of similarities, yet they are different in their own ways. They are Joey from the NBC sitcom and Barney from the CBS sitcom.

Despite the differences in many ways, these sitcoms have had one thing in common: a passionate fanbase. Therefore, when it comes to choosing sides in any capacity, fans of both shows become extremely overwhelmed. In the fight over which show is better, fans also started comparing both comic characters from the show as well. Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) and Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) in their respective shows provide unique entertainment. So, here are some points that can help you choose who is a better entertainer.

Joey Tribbiani from Friends vs Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother


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Individuals connected by the thread of friendship are a common element in both shows. Joey and Barney both are crucial parts of the groups. However, there are some things that one is better at than the other. Although both have their own huge popularity; here are some comparative points for you to decide who entertains the best in the show.


These comic characters have given many beautiful and funny catchphrases. For instance, whenever Joey would want to ask a girl out, he would just look at her up and down, and ask, “How you doin’?“. Joey’s flirting style was extremely effortless. However, in spite of his smoothness, Barney Stinson actually followed a playbook.

Whenever Barney would want to ask a girl out, he would be playing a trick on her from his famous The Bro Code. Although he would also play the trick with the utmost ease and craftmanship. His iconic catchphrases include, “Legen… wait for it… dary. Legendary“, “Suit up” and many more.

Relationships with women

When it comes to having relationships with women, certainly, Barney Stinson would win the argument. However, Joey also has been with a lot of women. While Barney makes it more crafty and his commitment phobia makes his relationships more entertaining, Joey’s relationships with women are filled with hilarious lies.

Although both characters’ lies come back to them to bite them as well. Moreover, both characters treat women they are in relationships with totally opposite approaches, too. But at the same time, Joey and Barney both try to avoid their exes as well, which creates the most bizarre and delightful moments in the show.


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Interestingly, Joey falls in love with Rachel, his best friend’s ex-girlfriend. And Barney also falls in love with his best friend, Ted’s ex-girlfriend, Robin, too. Both these women change these playboys’ lives.



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Amidst the reasons for one show being better than the other, the friendships and bromances in both shows win every time. Joey and Chandler’s bond is unbreakable. Joey even does not want to let go of Chandler when he moves in with Monica as well. He even decides to take a step back when he finds out Ross is not okay with him being with Rachel. Joey has his guys’ backs.

Similarly, Barney, in the most hilarious way possible, proves him as Ted’s best friend all the time. He never leaves Ted alone, despite pulling his legs constantly. Every now and then, Barney also helps Marshall to stop worrying too much and just have fun. Not to mention, Barney has even written a book titled The Bro Code.


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While one is high on energy, the other is high on sarcasm. But both are high on loving their friends with everything they have. Both characters are charming, naughty, and extremely emotional, but never expressive. And interestingly, in the end, both characters stayed single as well. So, among these two most-loved characters from different shows, which one would you choose? Tell us in the comments below.



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