James Gunn Makes Bold Claims About the Upcoming DC Project ‘Superman: Legacy’

Published 11/11/2023, 11:46 PM EST

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James Gunn’s new era at DC has been something every fan is excited to witness. Even though the fans were extremely upset about Gunn letting go of Henry Cavill, they have somehow made their peace with the fact. Since then, they have been looking forward to seeing where the Suicide Squad director takes the franchise. While he has promised some huge projects, Superman: Legacy is arguably the most anticipated.

Recognizing that the symbol of strength was the best way to bring back DC’s glory days, James Gunn has dropped another exciting update for fans.

James Gunn clears the air around Superman: Legacy


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Over the past few months, the SAG-AFTRA and writer’s strike had shaken Hollywood to its roots. Some of the biggest projects were delayed owing to the strikes. Despite the turbulence, there are a handful of projects that will meet their due date. Fitting the bill is James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy. The DC boss recently cleared the air around the film’s release as he confirmed that the film will be released on its intended date, 11th July, 2025. Home of DCU shared the news on Twitter as it confirmed, “James Gunn confirms Superman: Legacy will not be delayed.”

He further praised the cast and crew working on the highly anticipated project for their impeccable contribution towards the film. Soon after the SAG-AFTRA protests concluded, Deadline shared a handful of projects that would begin work at the earliest. The list also featured Superman: Legacy which will commence filming as soon as summer of 2024.

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Elsewhere, the new Superman David Corenswet looks ready to take over the Man Of Steel mantle. Initially, fans were convinced that no actor could replace Henry Cavill. However, the Pearl star seems to be changing the fan’s perspective towards him.

While James Gunn’s statement has finally cleared the air, fans will still have to wait nearly two years for the film. On the positive side, multiple solid updates about Superman: Legacy have surfaced online.


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Everything we know about Superman: Legacy

It seems like James Gunn is not playing around with the upcoming Superman: Legacy. The film will feature the Suicide Squad director as the front-runner and will bypass the origin story of Superman. Apparently, Superman: Legacy will take the audience through how Clark Kent became the symbol of strength, justice, and hope.

The upcoming movie will star a powerful ensemble of actors. David Corenswet will don the Superman suit while Rachel Brosnahan will play his love interest, Lois Lane. Other actors making an appearance in the James Gunn directorial include Isabela Merced, Nathan Fillion, and Anthony Carrigan. With a set release date, a respected director, and an impressive cast, the only thing the new Superman has on its plate is a blockbuster.


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