James Gunn Debunks the Rumor About Orchestra Eclipse Getting a Score in ‘Superman Legacy’

Published 05/09/2023, 4:00 PM EDT

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After the success of his Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, James Gunn raised the expectations of fans for his DC film, Superman Legacy. While the writer is looking for the new face of Superman, the internet is on a different trip. The new DC boss debunks the rumors surrounding the upcoming Superman film.

Apparently, on the internet, there are talks about Orchestra Eclipse getting a score in Gunn’s upcoming Superman movie. However, the new DC boss addressed the rumors and revealed the truth. He revealed it was not the case. Additionally, he also said he would call the actual composer in the morning.


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Dealing with rumors is nothing new for Gunn when it comes to any of his projects. As soon as he announced Superman Legacy, there were even rumors about the new face of the superhero being finalized. However, Gunn debunked the rumor at the time and threw light on his vision for the upcoming Superman as well.

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Rumor and speculation have been part of the comic book genre ever since it initially began over 20 years ago. Unlike other filmmakers in the industry, the current co-CEO of DC Studios is the only one who seeks to actively investigate and refute any whispers and hearsay they hear. It seems he extracts great pleasure from telling people they’re roughly a million miles wide of the mark.

While he debunks rumours, Gunn also has been sharing little nuggets about his Superman and what audience can expect from it.

James Gunn revealed his idea of the new Superman in Superman Legacy


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When James Gunn talked about his vision for the Kryptonian’s story, he revealed how he wanted to do it. His vision of the story would mark the beginning of the DC Universe. While writing the script for the film, Gunn often posted Superman-related posts on his Twitter to keep the fandom curious about what was coming up.

However, as soon as he posted the picture of the script, fans started guessing who the new Superman would be. However, Gunn himself said the new Superman would be much younger than Henry Cavill. Although not revealing any names, he just shared his idea of the new Superman as he wanted the actor to stay for a longer period.


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Gunn is still finalizing many things for his upcoming DC film. While everyone is waiting for who he would be, tell us what you think would be more suitable for the job.



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