“It was terrific”- Will Smith Lauds a Special ‘Bad Boys’ 4 Cameo Actor After the Film Climbs to the Tenth Spot in 2024’s Box Office

Published 06/22/2024, 8:42 PM EDT

Will Smith’s Bad Boys: Ride or Die is now among the highest-grossing movies of 2024. Although with a dismal streak of box office performances this year, there really were not many films that have grossed as high, Bad Boys 4 single-handedly recovered the summer box office of 2024. While the iconic leads and their unbeatable chemistry, along with the brand of the Bad Boys franchise, are definitely huge factors in the movie’s success, it was also the marketing tactics that made the film stand out among the rest. 

One such marketing move was hiring popular content creators for cameos in the movie. As the movie broke into the top 10 list of 2024’s box office hits, Will Smith took a moment to give a shout-out to one of the cameo actors.

Will Smith pats the cameo star on the back with a sweet behind-the-scenes clip


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Will Smith has been sharing glimpses of what went down on the sets of Bad Boys: Ride or Die ever since the movie’s promotions began. Recently, he took to Instagram to share yet another behind-the-scenes (BTS) clip featuring Khaby Lame, who went viral on social media for his signature shrug. The Oscar-winning actor shared that during the early screenings of Bad Boys 4, it was Lame’s cameo that “got one of the biggest reactions from the crowd.” “It was terrific,” added the 55-year-old.


Smith also shared how he loved having the opportunity to collaborate with Lame, “finally.” The Bad Boys lead then ended his message with congratulations to Lame for getting his “first film credit.” Not long after the original director Michael Bay made his appearance as a Porsche driver in the 2024 film, Khaby Lame was seen having a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo where he does what he does best—shrugs. But that was just the beginning of Lame’s contributions to the highly successful Bad Boys 4. 

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The TikTok sensation made several promotional videos with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence ahead of the movie’s release.

Khaby Lame joined forces with Bad Boys’ leads for hilarious videos


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Khaby Lame featured Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in his trademark videos of teaching life skills. In one video, the actors were seen struggling to open a jar. Just as they were about to destroy the jar with hammers, Lame, with a disappointed look on his face, opened the jar in one twist by covering the lid with a handkerchief. There was also another similar video where Lame taught the stars how to unlock a door without breaking it open.


Khaby Lame was not the only social media personality Bad Boys: Ride or Die had in its corner though. The fourth installment also featured life coach Jay Shetty, who officiated the wedding between Mike and Christine that sets the movie in motion. Leveraging such social media influencers was indeed a game-changer in ensuring Bad Boys: Ride or Die got off to a flying start.


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