Is VMA Seat Filler a Real Job? Where Can You Apply for 2023 MTV Video Music Awards?

Published 08/28/2023, 11:52 AM EDT

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One thing about award shows is that they are fully packed. But a house-full event every single time without fail? Moreover, how does one fill up the thousands of seats in award shows like those of MTV’s, despite the selected few being a part of the industry? The answer is becoming a VMA seat filler in 2023. Since time immemorial, broadcast mega award events have used seat fillers to have a full attendance function. Acting like an ‘extra’ for an award show is very much a real job. And the upcoming VMA awards might be the perfect fit to be present alongside A-list celebrities. One might catch a closeup of the record-wrecker Taylor Swift at the events. 

But wondering where can one apply for the VMA seat fillers post and walk the same red carpet as all favorite celebrities? This article encapsulates it all. 

What is a VMA Seat Filler? 


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The Video Music Award shows require netizens and citizens alike to fill up empty or unsold seats. This aids a smoother on-screen experiment with better aesthetics of a jam-packed audience. Moreover, the bedazzled award venues need an equally bedazzling amount of human presence to fill the seats.

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In addition, if an invited guest needs to take a quick washroom break or otherwise, seat fillers help fill up the audience in the meantime. An empty seat only looks sad and unesthetic to the eye.

How much do seat fillers get paid? 

Ziprecruiter reported that a person got an average of $20.27 per hour. This meant that the pay could be as high as $25 an hour and as low as $11, depending on the event. It is to be noted that most of these events are graced by high-profile celebrities from the industry. This directly translates into well-kempt attire and overall dressing up for the event. But make sure it does not steal the light from the likes of Hollywood stars like Millie Bobby Brown and Beyoncé. 


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Not only does the job of fillers require filling up empty seats but also blend into the audience and provide the venue with a full-house night. 

How do I become a seat filler?

The first step would be to find an event that has empty seat filler slots. While some big-scale events might choose an easier and safer option of having friends or employees as fillers, others might be open to accepting unknown faces. Websites like Seatfiller and others listed by Average Socialite can help with free registration. The candidates who fill up for these positions need to provide their photo, resume, and cover letter for verification. 

Are Seat fillers allowed to talk to celebrities?

Though you might be tempted to talk to Kanye West or Taylor Swift, one of the basic decorum that a seat filler for VMA 2023 needs to adhere to is not engaging with the invitees. Asking for selfies or holding up candid conversations is strictly prohibited. One should steer clear from asking for autographs too. In short, this is a night to enjoy like a fellow A-lister celebrity who has raked in millions from album releases and concerts. 

What should I Wear to the VMA as a seat filler?

The trick to looking like a celebrity who just walked the red carpet is adopting their dress codes. A dress along the lines of cocktail attire would work perfectly. It is better to steer away from anything that is excessively flashy or sparkly. Solid whites, bold patterns, and logos are a big no too as they don’t look very great on cameras.

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In addition, one is not allowed to carry jackets, coats, hats, or purses. A great cocktail or club attire paired with a clutch and it is good to go. 


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What is a seat filler job description?

However exciting it may sound, one needs to be humble and ready to comply with all the demands that the venue’s executives might have. Apart from waiting for long hours and being at the venue earlier than others, one needs to sport a smiling face at all times. Not only do you have to shed the awkwardness of sitting beside a celebrity’s spouse or children while they make a quick break, but also put on a smiley face for the audience sitting behind screens. The no-words-with-celebrities, coupled with no autographs, are the rules of the night. 


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Would you like to have a VMA seat filler experience? Comment below and let us know.



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