Is Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Foolproof’ Streaming on Netflix? Where Can You Watch the 2003 Thriller?

Published 12/28/2023, 2:23 PM EST

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Over the years, Ryan Reynolds has become one of Hollywood’s fan favorites. From action to comedy and more, the star has stolen attention like no other. While the world will forever remember him as Deadpool, the actor has been a part of various other projects. However, one of his films from back in 2003, Foolproof, seems to have accidentally slipped through the cracks.

In the age of technology, everything is now easily findable with one simple click, but some fans of the star are still unsure about where they can stream the action thriller.

Where to stream Ryan Reynolds’ Foolproof


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It is common knowledge that most of Ryan Reynolds’ films always end up making their way to Netflix. However, this time viewers had no such luck. Instead of using the streaming giant, Foolproof ended up being added to Amazon Prime to be streamed. While the film is 2 decades old, it is still perceived as a classic tale of 3 friends who end up planning the perfect heist.

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Although Reynolds could be the most recognizable name on the cast list, the film ended up performing rather decently at the box office. Apart from the actor, there were other stars like Kristin Booth, Tara Slone, Sean Sullivan, and many more. While the cast did a wonderful job of grabbing the attention of the viewers, there was one other thing that ended up being the actual highlight.


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While the film was completely star-studded, its storyline was the main thing that ended up making the film a memorable one.

The plot of Foolproof


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In 2003, a Canadian director by the name of William Phillips brought to life the story of Foolproof. While the title did not give it away, the Ryan Reynolds starrer was supposed to be an action thriller. In the film, the actor and two of his co-stars come up with a plan for a perfect heist for a club they are in. However, things took a turn for the worse when a criminal got his hands on the plans.

While most would expect the story to end with them trying to stop the thief, it played out differently. Instead of teaming up to stop the perpetrator, the group of three ended up being forced to plan another heist for the bandit. Although many things go wrong in the film, it would surely be a good watch for anyone who loves Reynolds’ projects.


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