Is Ouroboros The Ultimate Villain of ‘Loki’ Season 2? How OB is A Kang Variant, Explained

Published 11/04/2023, 3:06 AM EDT

All it takes is one chance to turn the tides and get things moving your way. That’s a phrase the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes very seriously, both for the world they create and the world they are a part of. After a series of considerable flops, the MCU really bounced with the help of a little mischief god, Loki. The series has established possibly the most vicious villain in a rather charming way, but it might just be all that simple.

Deception has forever been a founding trait of Marvel’s superhero sagas. Things are never what you think they are; hence, one should not be surprised if the studio cons the entire world into believing the villain to be a charming, cute, and likable character. And we think Loki Season 2 is doing exactly that with Ke Huy Quan’s Ouroboros aka OB.

Ouroboros and his mythological connections to destruction

The first thing that pops into our mind when we hear Ouroboros is the Egyptian tale of a snake that devours its own tail and births itself, creating a never-ending cycle of creation and destruction. Although this might feel like an odd thing to connect with OB being a Kang variant, this rather fits perfectly when you think about what Kang does.

Someone who has control over all time and space, Kang is someone who is the personification of the cycle of creation and destruction. Thus, him being OB is something that is not only believable but a big possibility.

The wicked calmness hints at a deeper picture

Another thing that gives us the chills is the surprising calm Ke Huy Quan’s character has, despite the world disintegrating in front of him. It is like he does not really care about it at all because he knows he is going to take control of everything. OB has a scary confidence in Loki’s ability to control the time slipping, which is jarring.

The TVA Guidebook writer’s dedication to having Loki at the center of everything feels like a play he put up. Using the god of mischief himself as a mere puppet to manipulate things is the most wicked way to prove your dominance, and OB definitely seems to be doing exactly that.

Is Ouroboros a Kang variant?

Yes, this might sound a little too wild a theory to begin with, but it will make perfect sense if Ke Huy Quan’s Marvel character is shown to be a Kang variant. The character himself is a little too eery, the nefarious calm he boasts in times of universal danger is disturbing. Secondly, he was the only one after the meltdown of the temporal loom who was doing something that was still related to his work at the TVA. Not just that, he readily helped Loki with everything, as if he was just waiting for all this to happen.

It is also not new to see variants that do not look exactly the same, in fact, Loki was one of the first shows to prove that. With a plethora of variants of Tom Hiddleston’s character, including an Alligator Loki, a variant can exist in all shapes and forms. And most importantly, the Oscar winner is far too big an actor to be given a plain role of some supporting character.

So, we definitely smell a fishy Kang odor coming out of OB What do you think? Can Ouroboros be the ultimate villain of Loki Season 2? Let us know in the comments below.



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