Internet Goes Berserk for Cillian Murphy’s Batman Voice, While the ‘Oppenheimer’ Actor Lauds Christian Bale for the DC Role

Published 07/26/2023, 10:30 PM EDT

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The Oppenheimer actor has been on Christopher Nolan’s radar for some time now. And with his recent gig as the father of the atomic bomb, the actor has established himself as a classic favorite for a lifetime now. From his epic portrayal of the character to his sheer calm response to the cyclonic fame he is gathering, the actor is definitely one of the pillars of Hollywood in the present generation. Another role he is known for is his Scarecrow’s character in The Dark Knight trilogy. Though Nolan’s Batman starred American Psycho’s Christian Bale, the Peaky Blinders actor is in the talks again. 

In a viral clip released by Culture Crave, footage of Murphy appeared, screen testing for Nolan’s Batman. The actor has a very deep, husky voice that perfectly suits Batman’s role. And while we are not the only ones to notice, netizens united to ship the actor, too. And even though the deep and resonating characters that the actor has played in the past, he remains humble in his talents. In an interview with GQ, the actor said how he felt Bale’s casting best suited the role. He said, “To me, it was always going to be Christian Bale.” 


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Murphy commented how he believed his physical stature was not best suited for the role of Batman and that Bale’s performance was stunning in it. He never considered himself right for the role and feels that Bale was a perfect fit for it. He almost got cast for the main role of Batman, but was deemed fit for the role of Scarecrow. 


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While the fans went gaga over his Batman’s voice, Murphy was seen enacting a scene in Kilmer’s suit. Here’s what they had to say. 

The fans drool over Cillian Murphy’s voice

The fans assembled picking Murphy’s side for the favorite Batman voice. In the clip released, the fans thought he had a way more suited voice and tone for the famed DC superhero. And while some believed that the voice was perfect, others said how Murphy was tough not to like owing to his amazing acting.

Another fan pointed out how Nolan had loved Murphy’s audition. No wonder we saw him in Nolan’s latest.

And other fans perfectly recognized the Kilmer suit that was usually used in Batman’s audition.


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The actor’s humble personality increases his likeliness.


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What do you think about Murphy’s voice in the audition tape of Batman? Comment below and let us know. 



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