“I think she is…” – Drew Barrymore Reveals Her True Feelings About Sydney Sweeney and Her New Ford Collection

Published 04/18/2023, 7:30 PM EDT

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Sydney Sweeney has gained quite a fan following with her extraordinary acting. Be it Cassie from Euphoria or Olivia from The White Lotus, every character of the actress has its own fan following. But the more important part is, her fan following is not limited to the common people. Instead, it has included huge celebrities and one of them is actress and host Drew Barrymore.

Last year, the 25-year-old made an appearance at The Drew Barrymore Show a while after the release of season 2 of Euphoria. She had gained quite a following after her fantastic performance in the show and it seemed like Drew was already a fan. But the 48-year-old actress’s fangirling over Sweeney has once again surfaced as she launched her Ford x Dickies merchandise.


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As per Detroit Free Press, the Chralie’s Angels star opened up about Sweeney’s collaboration in a recent episode of her show. She also showcased the merch the Ford x Dickies collaboration has featured including the baseball cap and the khaki overall. Soon, Barrymore had doubts about  looking like a weird middle-aged woman as she pretended to wear the overall

The 48-year-old host said that she loves Sweeney very much and she likes everything the young actress does. As she expressed her love for the beautiful blonde, she also said, “I think she is all the things.” 


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Drew Barrymore also revealed major news about the new collaboration with Sweeney.

Sydney Sweeney and Ford x Dickies collection is officially sold out

The collaboration of the small-town girl with a brand worth $44 billion was shocking news to everyone. But a lot of people saw it coming as the actress had a huge following on her TikTok page, named Syd’s Garage. There she uploaded her videos of restoring a 1969 Ford Bronco which was a major factor in Ford approaching her.


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Sweeney launched her own line of workwear with a touch of herself as she got the opportunity with Ford. Moreover, the collection got sold out as soon as it was out. Barrymore also said that the brand is waiting for its next shipment as the collection is high in demand.


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Apart from Barrymore, racecar driver Emelia Hartford also loved the collection by the actress. Let’s see when the brand announces the availability of the second batch of its in-demand collection.

Do you think the love of Drew Barrymore for Sweeney’s Ford collection is justifiable? Tell us in the comments.



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