How Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Added a Bit of Their Personal Touch at the Iconic Racecourse Ground

Published 11/03/2023, 3:57 PM EDT

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The Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney-led side Wrexham story is one for the books. The duo’s journey as owners of the oldest Welsh club is surely worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster storyline. Since their takeover in 2021, Wrexham is no longer a small club playing in the lower division. While the club has gone through a series of incredible transformations, one thing that remained constant is the iconic Racecourse ground.

Thanks to Welcome To Wrexham, fans have witnessed some iconic moments at the Racecourse. The ground has been featured in almost every episode of the documentary series. And interestingly, the Hollywood duo has an interesting personal touch to it.

How Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney added a piece of them in the Racecourse ground


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One thing that sets apart Reynolds and McElhenney from the rest of the club owners is their deep involvement in the team. They have been incredibly passionate and go the lengths to make the players and fans feel at home. Interestingly, the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia took a step further. To celebrate the actor’s birthday in April, his co-owner dedicated one special urinal at the Racecourse. The metal engraved iconic urinal also features a smoldering McElhenney.

In addition to that, the special urinal has all the details about the Latter Days star’s name, birthday, and a special message. Reynolds penned down a hilarious wish as he wrote, “With love from Wrexham AFC. Paid for by Ryan Reynolds.” Interestingly, the duo has always been extremely expressive when it comes to celebrating each other’s birthday.


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Recently, McElhenney got alongside Chris Pratt as he planned an incredible surprise for Reynolds’ birthday. As surprising as it may sound, the American actor will dedicate a special park for the Deadpool star. While the surprise is surely impressive, Reynolds has already found an interesting way to utilize the gift.

Meanwhile, the owners have surely turned Wrexham on its feet. Apart from the McElhenney special urinal, the Racecourse also boasts an impressive trophy cabinet.

The Racecourse Trophy Cabinet


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The Racecourse ground is arguably one of the most glorified stadiums in the history of Welsh football. Despite its commercial deals, the ground finds itself deeply rooted in history. Every fine stadium needs a fine trophy cabinet, and the Racecourse is no exception. Until Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s takeover, the Red Dragons only had a handful of trophies. However, now, the club has added significantly to their collection.

The 2022-23 season for the Welsh side was no less than a fairy tale. The Red Dragons finished the league in a record-breaking style. Not only did they bring home the National League trophy, but they also celebrated their return to the football league in style. After securing a spot after nearly two decades, Wrexham commemorated a champagne bottle in their trophy cabinet. Moreover, with their ongoing performance in the second division, another trophy to the cabinet surely looks possible.


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