Henry Cavill vs Tyler Hoechlin vs David Corenswet: Comparing Every Superman Actor’s Height, Who Comes Closest to the Kryptonian?

Published 11/18/2023, 5:03 AM EST

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Over the years, the world has seen many actors take up the iconic role of Superman. From the great Christopher Reeve to the fan favorite, Henry Cavill, many stars have embodied the superhero perfectly. In fact, right now the world is waiting for a new actor to take over the reins, David Corenswet. However, while the world knows they have the acting skills, the question is, how close were the stars to the Kryptonian’s actual height?

With recent history having 3 main actors playing the role, here are their varying heights and how they compare to the comic version of the Justice League character.

Who is the Superman actor with the closest height to the character?


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While the world has been given various versions of Superman, the original will always be the DC comics. The superhero made his first appearance in Action Comics #1. The comic marked the beginning of one of the most iconic and enduring legacies in comic book history. In the comics, he was said to be 190 cm, which is 6 feet and 3 inches tall. Although his height may have varied from different artists and creators, it is the height that is often used to compare Henry Cavill, Tyler Hoechlin, and David Corenswet.

Henry Cavill’s height

Although his physique perfectly matched the superhero’s look and build, he fell a little short in the height department. With 3 inches missing, Henry Cavill stands at 6 feet tall (185 cm). While his stature may be slightly shorter than some comic book depictions of Superman, his powerful on-screen presence and chiseled physique capture the essence of the iconic superhero.

While Cavill no longer portrays Superman in the DC Extended Universe, he is still a fan favorite. Over the span of almost a decade, his portrayal garnered acclaim for embodying the character’s strength, charisma, and sense of justice. He brought the character to life in ways that no one had thought possible. The 40-year-old’s Man of Steel brought out a dynamic and memorable iteration in the ongoing legacy of the classic superhero.


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While the world has still not gotten over the fact that the actor will not be reprising his iconic role, James Gunn has promised fans other plans for his DCU reboot.

Tyler Hoechlin’s height

While most fans might recognize him as Derek Hale from Teen Wolf, Tyler Hoechlin has forrayed into the land of superheroes since. He is known for portraying Superman in the Arrowverse. Specifically, in the television series, Supergirl. Although his portrayal captures the essence of Superman’s strength, nobility, and superhero charisma, he too failed to meet the character’s height range. In fact, he was close to Henry Cavill’s height, at 6 feet tall (183 cm).

Despite any differences in height, the 36-year-old still managed to pull off the role effortlessly. While his run on the show ended in 2019, the actor has continued to portray the character in Superman & Lois. Although the series depicted the character in a new light, fans seemed to fall in love with Tyler Hoechlin’s portrayal of the Kryptonian. With the show being renewed for its fourth and final season, fans will have to get ready to say goodbye to the superhero.


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However, there could be a possibility that the actor gets picked up by another company that wants him to portray Superman for just a little longer.

David Corenswet’s height

David Corenswet is a name that has been in the spotlight numerous times before. While some of it might be because of his upcoming James Gunn project, the rest is due to him replacing Henry Cavill as the DC superhero. Although no one was happy about it when the news broke, it looks like he has put in the effort to be built like the character. Apart from that, he is the only actor to match the Kryptonian’s height at 6 feet and 3 inches (193 cm).


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It makes him the only Superman actor in recent history to accurately match the comic book description of the character. While not much can be said about his acting until his portrayal makes its way to the big screens, there is no doubt that James Gunn has to have chosen a brilliant actor. However, there is still quite a long wait ahead before fans get to watch him in Superman: Legacy as it comes out in 2025.


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What do you think about the varying heights of the Superman actors compared to the actual Kryptonian? Let us know in the comments below.



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