Harry Potter X Barbie: Draco Malfoy “Pissed” for Not Being Offered Ken Despite Uncanny Resemblance

Published 07/20/2023, 8:00 PM EDT

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Every once in a while there comes a project that the fans are extremely hyped out. The film becomes a hot topic in the media even before its release and the internet cannot seem to get enough of it. Fitting the bill is Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. The Ryan Gosling Margot Robbie starrer is perhaps one of the most awaited releases of the year. Moreover, the hype around the film remains the same following its release. And recently, Harry Potter’s Tom Felton fame joined the bandwagon as he expressed a peculiar wish.

Not long ago, one of the most anticipated releases of the year finally made its way to our screens. While movie lovers from around the world are talking about the film, it seems like Tom Felton is not that happy. The Harry Potter fame took to Instagram as he sarcastically compared his character Draco Malfoy from the movie to Ryan Gosling’s Ken. Felton surely knows what it feels like to dye one’s hair blonde for a character like he did in Harry Potter. The actor even penned down a hilarious caption as he wrote, “Kind of pissed I never got a call back #sLYTHERKen.



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Felton shared a screenshot of a glimpse of Ken looking a tad bit unhappy from the film alongside his character, Draco Malfoy. While the actor did not receive a good response from the fans, he surely resembled the character from the film. Moreover, many of you might not know, but Felton managed to sneak in a Ken reference in his caption.


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Meanwhile, the fans had a few things to say about Felton’s post. While a number of fans seemed to be agreeing to what the actor was saying, a few felt otherwise.

What did the fans have to say about Tom Felton’s post?

Tom Felton’s post took Instagram by storm with the internet divided into two. A fan took to Twitter as he shared the picture of Felton’s post as he clearly seemed to disagree with Felton. He tweeted how Felton seemed to be latching onto Ken’s role. Another fan wrote about how Felton only got one major role in his career and that’s why he is clinging onto it.

On the other hand, some came to Felton’s support as they called out the Twitter user. Interestingly, a fan even joked about how the post indicated that he basically auditioned for the role.


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