“Go with God”: Latest ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Poster Plays at the Marvel Jesus Gag From the Teaser

Published 05/04/2024, 9:26 PM EDT

When the initial trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine was released, it not only delighted fans with the trademark humor of Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth, but also saw Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool humorously liken himself to Marvel Jesus. Since then, Deadpool has consistently embodied this self-proclaimed role, with each new revelation, whether official or unofficial, emphasizing his penchant for saving the day. 

The latest movie poster, however, goes beyond a mere nod to the Marvel Jesus proclamation since fans now seem thoroughly convinced that the anarchic anti-hero has embraced a more conventional hero role.

Deadpool & Wolverine releases fresh poster with subtle nod to its teasers


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Deep into convention season, following the cinematic bombshells dropped at CinemaCon about Deadpool & Wolverine, the CCXP convention ushered in fresh opportunities for another show of teasers. At the ongoing event in Mexico City, attendees were treated to an exclusive preview accompanied by the distribution of a new poster that reads "Go with God" in Spanish. The poster depicts the Deadpool & Wolverine crew illustrated as figures on candles, exuding a divine presence with halos above their heads and adorned in robes that unmistakably echo Deadpool's claim of being the Marvel Jesus.

In this artwork, starting from the far left, there are Colossus, Vanessa, and Deadpool alongside one of his variants, Dogpool, Wolverine, and Blind Al. Each character's portrayal exudes a religious undertone with a sacred aura hovering over their silhouettes. However, Vanessa's donning of a saree amidst the robed men sets the tone of the poster up by a notch. Therefore, the poster seamlessly aligning with every prior teaser suggests that audiences should brace themselves for an action-packed cinematic spectacle this summer.

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The sign instantly transported fans back to the excitement of the initial Deadpool & Wolverine trailer release, catapulting anticipation of the film to new heights in mere minutes.

Fans welcome the Marvel Jesus with open arms with the new poster of Deadpool & Wolverine

Even though Deadpool & Wolverine's storyline may not have been Ryan Reynolds' initial vision, its undeniable success with fans already speaks volumes. As fans uncover Easter eggs with each crew update, it is evident that they have eagerly embraced their role despite Shawn Levy's assertion that no prior homework is needed. So, it did not require extraordinary effort when fans caught onto the Marvel Jesus quip in the posters.

The promotional brilliance and careful unveiling of the movie's secret truly amazed fans. Hence, some even dubbed Deadpool as the savior of the MCU.


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Their conviction that Deadpool & Wolverine will indeed save the day is matched only by their appreciation for their meticulous attention to detail. With the team seamlessly integrating Easter eggs into promotional material, fans are convinced they are poised for an unparalleled cinematic experience. Hence, all that remains for now is the theatrical debut to determine if Deadpool & Wolverine lives up to its Marvel Jesus' crown.


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