From Dragpool to Ladypool, ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Latest Spot Has Left the Internet Making Wicked Guesses

Published 06/08/2024, 11:37 PM EDT

The odds are in favor of Deadpool & Wolverine to become one, if not the biggest, release of this year. They have been since Ryan Reynolds just surprise-dropped the announcement of Hugh Jackman making his 'hugh' return as Wolverine in what was at that time called 'Deadpool 3'. However, it seems that the creators just cannot be sure enough as they leave fans frothing in the mouth with every new snippet that they drop. This time, they pulled the wickedest trick of all with Lady Deadpool.

 Deadpool & Wolverine dropped a new teaser featuring what fans speculate is Lady Deadpool to make sure that June 8 will forever be remembered as their day rather than Best Friends Day. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to note the slow walk done by Lady Deadpool, the search of whose identity has driven them feral.


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Ever since Reynolds took on the project, the stakes for cameos have been quite high. From Taylor Swift to Wrexham AFC players, fans were sure that the cameos were going to send the audiences reeling. However, after the release of the new teaser, all hoots are echoing Blake Lively.

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The Gossip Girl alumni, who as Reynolds' has reinstated many times as his 'better' half, has remained mum about the movie except for the regular leg pulling of her husband on social media, but fans speculate that she definitely has a greater role to play.

Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, and Margot Robbie find themselves featuring in Deadpool & Wolverine, thanks to fans

Mere hours after Deadpool & Wolverine dropped the new teaser with a remix of Wiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow' but this time 'Red and Yellow' to commemorate Deadpool and Wolverine, theories have been running wild. The perfectly packed teaser consisted of just the right amount of jabs, jokes, destroyed 20th Century Fox logo, and Lady Deadpool hints to drive fans into a wall. The latter, especially, had a greater impact as fans got to decoding who is the lady behind the mask.

The speculation behind Lady Deadpool is not just restricted to female celebrities, but fans also believe that it is Ryan Reynolds in drag and hence 'Dragpool'.

Fans have been going absolutely crazy trying to align the feet of Lady Deadpool to see which celebrity fits the shoe.


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While Taylor Swift has been in the picture ever since fans casted her as Dazzler, Blake Lively and Margot Robbie have also become stars of this chaos.

Whether it is Blake Lively who will be Lady Deadpool or if it is Ryan Reynolds as Dragpool remains unclear. However, the question is sure to not only result in sleepless nights for fans but also a blockbuster hit for Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.


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Do you think Blake Lively is Lady Deadpool or is Ryan Reynolds in drag? Let us know in the comments below.



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