From Central Perk to Real Life: Jennifer Aniston’s Emotional Breakdown Recalling Matthew Perry

Published 10/16/2023, 2:10 AM EDT

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The classic American sitcom Friends reached its conclusion in 2004, but it continues to rule our hearts. Whether it be Monica and Ross’s ‘Routine’ or Joey’s ‘”Je m’appelle Claude,” the sitcom never failed to tickle the viewers. Matthew Perry, with his amazing comic timing, in particular, was truly the epitome of sarcastic joy on the show. While the actor played a very carefree and light-hearted role on screen, his story off-screen was very different. So much so that it even caused heartbreak for Jennifer Aniston.

The actor’s Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston once revealed how Matthew Perry and his emotional battle with addiction formed one of her biggest fears.

How Matthew Perry scared Jennifer Aniston with his addiction?


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In an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer in 2004, the Horrible Bosses actress provided a closer look at Perry’s battle with addiction and how it affected the people closest to him. In perhaps one of her most candid on-camera moments, the actress tearfully said, “He was struggling.” Further, the already emotional Aniston confessed that the fear of losing him to his addiction was the scariest thing she ever dealt with.

Perry has time and again expressed his deep admiration for his Friends co-star. Aniston was the light at the end of the tunnel for him. The Friends actor is “grateful” to Aniston for standing by him during his horrible addiction days. It was clear through the state that she was in during the interview that Perry’s battle with addiction was almost as hard for his loved ones as it was for him.

Through the support of good friends like Jennifer Aniston and, of course, his determination to set things straight, Matthew Perry was able to battle addiction. However, the actor has gone above and beyond to use his journey to sobriety to help others.

Perry is grateful to be alive


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Perry previously told People in 2022 that his addiction treatments and rehab cost a whopping $9 million. He further mentioned that he’s “grateful to be alive,” which allows him to do anything he wants. Furthermore, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands and based his best-selling memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, on these occurrences. The book featured every minute detail of his life, from addiction to sobriety, as well as his crush on Aniston.

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Perry’s memoir, apart from being a life guru of sorts, was also a culmination of all genres owing to his crush on Aniston. The Friends actors had incredible on-screen and off-screen chemistry. Despite Perry’s intense affection for Aniston, this was only a friendship for her. However, he was able to control his emotions, and they were able to maintain a healthy business relationship as well as a friendship that lasted decades.


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