“F**K off”- Wrexham Owner Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds Take a Dig at Opposition Striker as Club’s Promotion Comes Under Question

Published 11/02/2023, 10:36 AM EDT

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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney led side Wrexham is truly an inspiring story. The Red Dragons went through a rollercoaster of emotions as they battled to secure promotion. While the ending was no less than a fairy tale, the journey was surely a ride to Damascus experience. While they faced a series of struggles in their run, the biggest hindrance in their fight for promotion was Notts County. The Magpies gave Wrexham a run for their money as they nearly seized promotion from right under the Hollywood duo’s nose.

As Wrexham managed to gain an edge over their rivals, Ryan Reynolds had a peculiar message for a particular rival striker.

Ryan Reynolds calls out a star striker in the latest episode of Welcome To Wrexham


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Welcome To Wrexham recently returned to our screens with an exciting sequel as it took the fans through the club’s incredible 2022-23 run. The latest episode revolved around Wrexham’s biggest rival Notts County. Previously, the Magpies ran Wrexham down to the wire during their record-breaking title run in the 2022-23 season. And one of the biggest contributors to the same was Macaulay Langstaff. The star striker netted nearly 50 goals for the club in the season. However, in the latest episode of Welcome To Wrexham, McElhenney bemoaned Langstaff’s efforts hilariously as he spoke, “Macaulay Langstaff, he can f*ck off.

Meanwhile, Reynolds did not shy away from giving his take on the star striker either. The Deadpool actor praised Langstaff as he spoke, “Yeah, god that guy is good. He further praised the striker’s good looks calling him “handsome as f**k.Interestingly, Reynolds even posed the possibility of starring Langstaff in the BBC crime series, Peaky Blinders.

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Unsurprisingly, both the clubs put a show for the fans as they secured an impressive 100 points in the National League. Likewise, both clubs are having an immensely competitive run in the second division as well.

Wrexham and Notts County’s performance in the Football League

Despite Wrexham gaining an edge over Notts County with four points in the National League, the Magpies managed to secure their spot. So far both the clubs have been performing incredibly in the Second Division as well. While Wrexham stands at the third position, Notts County is above them in the second spot. However, the Red Dragons got a sweet revenge over Notts County as they secured a dramatic 2-0 victory over them.


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Shortly after the fixture, Reynolds celebrated the result on Twitter as he lauded the Wrexham boys for getting back at their National League rivals. Meanwhile, Notts County talisman Macaulay Langstaff is having an incredible season. The star striker has already netted 11 goals. On the other hand, Wrexham star forward Paul Mullin is clearly struggling with just four goals so far.


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