5 Years Before the ‘Friends’ Reunion, Creator Marta Kauffman Had a Polar Approach to Bring the Cast Back Together

Published 08/07/2023, 4:10 AM EDT

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During the golden era of Friends, the vibrant and youthful ensemble quickly captured the hearts of viewers, making them instant favorites. It was nearly impossible to envision our beloved Joey or quirky Phoebe as part of a seasoned cast. However, in those bygone days of airing, pondering such a scenario seemed far from anyone’s mind. The cast’s remarkable elasticity and enchanting chemistry were nothing short of awe-inspiring.


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Yet, it was the show’s creator who found herself contemplating the prospect of reuniting the cast. Marta Kauffman embarked on a journey of introspection once the series concluded. However, it was a polar approach that she had in mind.

Navigating reunion, when Marta Kauffman had a polar approach

In the bygone era of 2004, the cherished series bid adieu, leaving a void. Friends served as a sanctuary, welcoming souls of every age. Its unique charm lay in the youthful and exceptional ensemble it featured. This very essence prompted Marta Kauffman to embark on a path diverging from the norm when contemplating a reunion. While the reunion did come to fruition in 2021, Kauffman’s divergent perspective had taken root half a decade earlier. As per The Hollywood Reporter, Kauffman said,They’d all be older, and it wouldn’t be the same.”

In her perception, the heart of the show was interwoven with the notion of friends evolving into an integral part of one’s extended family. The series reached its culmination as Monica and Chandler embarked on their journey to start a family, which, in her eyes, marked a natural closure to the show’s essence. It was at this juncture that the concept of a reunion seemed to lose its luster. The prospect of potentially disillusioning the show’s ardent admirers weighed heavily on the creator’s conscience.

Kauffman also held a deep appreciation for the remarkable versatility and enchanting chemistry that her cast exuded. This played a pivotal role in catapulting the show to sensational success.

Kauffman’s key to sensational success for Friends

Amidst the cast’s recurring assertions that the show’s triumph was owed to its flawless script, Kauffman held a distinctive belief. She felt that it was the cast itself that infused vitality into the characters. The initial plan of uniting Monica and Joey romantically underwent a profound shift when the intimate connection between Chandler and Monica unfolded, igniting a wave of joy and emotions that transcended mere contentment. Such was the impact that even Millie Bobby Brown wanted to be like Rachel.

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This intrinsic understanding is precisely why she refrains from singling out any particular characters or episodes as favorites. Rather, she treasures a trove of cherished moments, each capable of inducing hearty laughter even to this day. The cast’s remarkable versatility allowed the characters to organically exude chemistry that transcended the boundaries of the screen.

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